Avaaz: Getting Activist Together

It seems like every other day a new website is popping up offering all kinds of convenience. Social activism seems like the type of thing that requires boots on the ground however it can be accessed with just a click. One website that promotes global activism on a wide range of issues is Avaaz. It has been referred to as “the globes largest and most powerful online activist network” its namesake can be attributed to the Persian term meaning voice. Their namesake speaks to their motives of giving activists a voice and a place to congregate and plan to affect change.

The campaigns featured on the webpage are painstakingly managed by individuals in over 30 countries. Examples of participating countries are varied. For example, campaigners can be from the UK or India or even Lebanon. The communication is primarily via email. Methods employed in the campaign include online public petitions or videos. Another handy tool employed by the website is a feature that allows those passionate about the issue to email their leaders directly. This allows individuals to make their voices known directly to those who make policy. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of who to contact with an issue that concerns you. Another way the website supports protesters is by providing some legal advice to clarify how the campaign can be the most successful while conxsidering the law in the land.

There also more active tactics that many protesters will employ my help of the website. Some protesters stage citizens or rally activities like this greatly benefit from having an online community in which they can organize and plan these demonstrations. Suggestions for new campaigns can come from members and then are analyzed and processed by teams of specialists. If a cause or campaign seems viable the idea is polled among 10,000 members of the community. With enough replies, the new calls will become open to all members. Through this method management at Avaaz can refine campaigns before making them available to all members within the community. This is a great way to present campaigns that would generate the most support.

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