Samuel Strauch and Miami Real Estate Success

Samuel Strauch is making a name for himself in the real estate industry. He has become one of the hottest real estate agents in Miami Beach, and this is all because he has the experience. With more 14 years of experience under his belt, Samuel Strauch has been completing a plethora of sales of homes in Florida. He is currently with the Affinity Realty Group, and he has been able to make the list on being in the top 12% of agents that can sell homes successfully in the Miami Beach area.

Samuel Strauch is an agent that believes in developing relationships with his clients. That is one reason that he has become so successful over the years.

Samuel Strauch is fully aware of the growth that is happening it’s, and he has taken efforts to keep his clients informed of what is considered prime real estate. He knows the market well, and Samuel Strauch has been able to sell home fast because he knows what his clients are looking for. I know the type of style that potential homeowners in Miami Beach are interested in it. He’s able to help home owners that want to sell their homes best possible shape for all the potential buyers that are going to look for homes in this area.

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His ability to predict market trends in real estate has given Samuel a true knack for the real estate business. He has become one of the most renowned sales people for real estate in the Florida area because he pays attention to what is happening and does research to make better predictions on what his potential clients will want.

Samuel Strauch is someone that believes in mediation and setting goals. He has contributed these things to the success that he has had in the real estate industry.

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Secrets Fabletics is Applying to Be Competitive in Amazon’s Dominated

Amazon is currently taking 20% of the fashion e-commerce making it hard for any other upcoming fashion entrepreneur to make it. However, Kate Hudson’s, Fabletics is doing the unexpected, and for the last three years it has grown a $250 million business. Through understanding their customers, Fabletics offers aspiration brands. Additionally, they provide convenience through customer membership application which result is a competitive tool to win and retain customers.


Trending Competitive Measures


For a long time, brands have used quality and price of their goods and services as a way of staying relevant in the market. With changes in economics, these combinations are no longer efficient and do not guarantee you success. Instead, the modern customer is more attracted y other factors such as customer experience, gamification elements, brand recognition, last mile service, and exclusive design.


Fabletics, like Apple and Warby Parker, understands this and is applying these strategies and sure enough, the brand membership is paying off. They have managed opening new physical stores in addition to their previous sixteen, a move which helps them reach more customers.


According to Fabletics General Manager Greg Throgmartin, the membership model allows the company understand their customer needs and hence produce more personalized services. Additionally, they offer their products at half the price as their competitors.


Distinguishable Qualities of Fabletics Physical Stores


Reverse Showrooming Shopping


Many online markets are being “killed” by showrooming whereby clients browse products but later buy them in other stores at a cheaper price. Fabletics has reversed this whereby those who walk in their stores, 30-50 percent are already members and at least 25 percent convert once they get into the stores. Once a customer tries an item, it directly goes into their cart and bought from any of their stores.


Power of Online Data


Fabletics uses online local data to stock both their physical and online stores. Through studying the data, they are able to understand customer preferences and change in trends. Through this knowledge, their stores are stocked based on local membership preferences and social media sentiments.


Giving more Focus on Accessibility, People, and Culture


As Fabletics continue to expand to new areas, it is faced by challenges but through customer experience, consumer education, and balance of lifestyle, they are able to stand against their competitors. They give focus on providing quality products at an affordable price which is combined with employing a creative team, authentic spokesman, and an in-house media.


Fabletics Operation Method


Fabletics operates on a monthly membership subscription structure. By joining as a VIP member, you buy your first outfit for only $25 in addition to getting discounts on all la carte item you purchase. The real deal about applying for the membership is that you get a monthly curated outfits whereby you can buy 2-3 piece outfit for only $49-$59.


The company has high quality products which come at an affordable price. Once you sign up for membership, you chose which kind of workout you involve in and your preferred outfits ranging from shorts, capris, and tanks among others. To make shopping easy for you, the store will pick three outfits for you monthly and you can choose the one you desire.

Vincent Parascandola Spearheads the Growth and Development of AXA Advisors, LLC, Following His Experience in the Financial Industry

Vincent Parascandola spearheads the development and growth of more than 225 financial professionals of AXA Advisor. He is powered by his position at the company as the Senior Executive Vice President. His responsibilities include hiring and training new advisors, and improving the efficiency of the available producers while upholding appropriate profit margins at the company.

Parascandola is working at AXA Advisors, LLC located in Woodbridge, as a financial advisor. AXA Advisors is a conglomerate, broker-dealer that has more than 5,350 registered representatives across the United States of America. Moreover, it is a leading financial protection firm, and one of the United States’ leading providers of annuity products and life insurance.

Parascandola held industry security registration for seventeen years, thus he is subject to FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) oversight. As one of the AXA Advisors’ key leaders, he ensures management development, retention of advisors, productivity of the available producers, and recruiting of new advisors.

Parascandola has over twenty-five years work experience in the financial industry. Furthermore, he started his career in 1987 at Prudential as an agent, and he became the National Rookie of that year. He later in 1990 joined MONY Life Insurance Company, where he held various regional and local field management positions prior to joining AXA Advisors, LLC, in 2004.

Parascandola was once a president of The Advantage Group, which is part of AXA Equitable. The group was established to draw seasoned financial professionals. Moreover, Parascandola was initially one of the managers of the AXA Advisors’ Metro branch in New York, which has about four-hundred financial professionals. In fact, his management skills earned him several leadership awards including Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development.

Vincent Parascandola as a Speaker

Vincent is a known speaker and has spoken at several industry and company conferences, including LIMRA’s distribution conferences and GAMA’s annual LAMP Meeting. Besides, he was the chair of LIMRA’s (Life Insurance Management Research Association) Field Officers Committee, and a member of GAMA.

Vincent studied at Pace University in New York where he earned his degree in Bachelor of Science (1983). He later returned to Pace University to present the commencing speech in 2014 to the graduating class of the then.


Wen Cleansing Conditioner – Get That Soft, Shiny And Long Hairs Back In Just Few Weeks

The popularity of Wen hair care line of products including Cleansing conditioners is growing by each day. Many people are curious about the product and are kept wondering if it works as it advertises. Recently, a famous editor of a beauty magazine wrote about her experience of using the Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner. The in-depth report, published in Bustle, described the writer’s entire experience of using the product in a sequential manner. She used the conditioner for seven days and concluded that the conditioner worked great on her hair and she could see a real difference in her hair after her seven-day experiment.

She described how her hair has always been unmanageable and how after using the conditioner, her hair looked and felt healthy. She even said that her friends complimented her when she went out with them one night during her experiment. Wen’s hair care products are result-oriented and help women get back those glowing, shiny and thick flowing locks back. The users would need to have patience and follow the instructions carefully to ensure they get results fast.

Wen Hair Care is the mastermind of celebrity hairstylist, Chaz Dean. The idea behind this fantastic healthy product is to provide customers with something other than the traditional foamy shampoos that can make your hair look dull and cause it to break over time. While the name states that it is a conditioner, it is an all-in-one product which means that it is a shampoo, deep conditioner, and detangler. It is completely chemical-free and does not contain harmful chemicals that can destroy the hair root if used on a daily basis.

Wen hair care products are available on Sephora and online on

More product information available on the Wen hair Wikipedia page.

How Bruno Fagali Uses the FAGALI Advocacy in Fighting Corruption and Enhancing Professional Ethics

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian legal expert known for founding FAGALI Advocacy. Fagali is also known for his professionalism and integrity when offering legal advice to clients. His law expertise lies in public and anti-corruption law. His law firm, FAGALI Advocacy, specializes in urban law, administrative and civil liability processes, administrative contracts, regulatory law, and bidding law.

Fagali has offered legal advice to institutions regarding corruption cases. He has also helped these organizations in addressing issues such as misuse of public funds and professional malpractices. Bruno Fagali believes that the process of issuing government contracts to private companies should be fair. He has been praised for his straightforwardness in addressing corruption scandals. Through the FAGALI Advocacy, he has helped executives in fostering transparency within their companies. The law firm has also handled anti-corruption, election and compliance cases. The company strives for social equality when handling legal matters.

Career Background

Before founding the FAGALI Advocacy, Bruno Fagali was an intern of several Brazilian law firms. These companies include Asociados Advocacia, Calil, and Radi. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo for his LLB. After completing law school and passing the Brazilian bar exam, Fagali joined the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics as an associate. He also joined the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics as a member.


Besides serving as a partner at FAGALI Advocacy, Bruno Fagali is also a corporate integrity manager for Nova/sb. Nova/sb is an established Brazilian advertising company. The company focuses on creating advertising campaigns for the Brazilian government and international bodies such as the International Labor Organization. As the corporate integrity manager, Bruno Fagali is responsible for the company’s corporate integrity program. Since he was appointed to work for the advertising company, he has overseen the creation of an ethics committee. He has also ensured that employees and board members are treated fairly. Fagali has also led the workers to acquire training on integrity.



Goettl Helps a Family from Las Vegas

The premium HVAC company Goettl Air Conditioning adds another family to its list of beneficiaries by helping a family from Nevada that lacked heating and air conditioning.

Goettl Air Conditioning, which is based in Arizona, continues with its philanthropic contributions. This time, the premium company choose a family from Las Vegas, Nevada as its target. According to Abana Stephenson, mother of two girls, she and her family had spent almost a decade without air conditioning or heating. Not only that, but her toilet was busted. It did not even have a tank. They had been in this situation because of financial reasons. So, they, for instance, slept in the living room in order to deal with cold or hot temperatures.

When the manager of Goettl Air Conditioning Michael Gamst found about the situation of the Stephenson family, he was deeply moved. So as soon as he could, he contacted Abana in order to help her. Many of his coworkers also volunteered to help. Abana received a new heat unit as well as an air conditioning system. She also received a new toilet. On top of this, she was not charged at all. Goettl donated over $10,000 in services and products. According to Abana, who has been suffering from depression for years, she believes in humanity again.

Goettl Air Conditioning is also known for its money saving products. The company also recently embarked on zone controlled heating, which revolves around custom temperature control. Thus, through this type of technology, people can control the temperature in certain parts of their homes more efficiently. It also saves a lot of money. Abana used to pay over $500 on electricity. Now she will pay no more than $200 because of her new heating system.

Goettl Air Conditioning, other than being a pioneer in heating and air conditioning, is one of the most trusted businesses of its kind in the United States. Goettl, since 1939, has been staying up-to-date in the HVAC industry. Goettl Air Conditioning was also one of the first HVAC companies in Arizona to use zone control systems.


Clay Siegall Confirms Further Support For Cancer Research


Many experts have tried for years to find a solution to cancer and this has been a series of research attempts. With the effort that these health experts put, today there are better cancer treatment methods but this does not mean the ultimate solution to the menace was found. More institutes have joined in the race to find a perfect way of treating cancer and in the past 10 years, many findings were made that changed how treatment is administered. Companies like Seattle Genetics, which has been sponsoring research since 1998 when it was founded, have also made the war against cancer easier by availing reliable ideas.

Launched by Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has invested heavily in the field of biotechnology and has made a lot of effort to ensure the war against cancer is won. Clay Siegall has been overseeing all the projects as the CEO of the company and he chairs the Board to ensure all the strategies laid to streamline operations factor in the relevance of supporting cancer research. In pursuit for better treatment methods, Seattle Genetics made the ADC Technology, whose approval is awesome. Through the technology, cells that are cancerous are targeted and eliminated and during the entire process, healthy cells are spared, meaning it is safer if compared to the traditional radiation method.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall has made strides as a scientist in his pursuit to find a solution to the war against cancer. He has led his career for over 20 years and within this period, he interacted with different institutions that support the development of solutions for curing cancer. Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics and the company has been researching about cancer and making products to help in the treatment of this disease.

ADCETRIS is one of the products the company made, which has been earning millions in revenues. Clay Siegall marked a great achievement when the company produced the ADC Technology, which makes it easier to treat cancer without severely affecting the body of the patient. His support for cancer research has placed him among highly acclaimed authorities in the healthcare industry.



WEN by Chaz: In Pursuit of Greatness

There are literally tons of brands in the world today that fall under the hair care field of work. Pantene, Maybelline, L’Oréal, Max Factor, Herbal Essences and others only scratches the surface. For those who like their hair and scalp to be deep cleansed, conditioners are the products of choice. These products give you a much thorough cleansing than shampoo or if you just use water by itself.

The downside to conditioners is that all aren’t created equal and may be doing more harm than good. Sulfates, parabens, and other contaminates are present in high amounts within the formulas and these contaminants can cause a host of issues down the line. For the best in hair care conditioning, give WEN by Chaz a try.

WEN by Chaz is the cream of the crop in this field. This product line is luxurious, but priced to be affordable for the average everyday person. Founder Chaz Dean has a winner on his hands with this one for sure thanks to all of the healthy benefits. WEN’s cleansing conditioners come straight from an organic source rather than developed in some laboratory like a science experiment. Anything from mother earth is much better than what man can make. These advanced cleansing conditioners are leave-in treatments as well, which allows you to brush your teeth, take a shower, or any other light errand that an individual may need to do around the house. The conditioners easily washes out as well and won’t leave your glorious locks weighed sown.

There is literally a wide array of advanced formulas to choose from as well. This includes aloe vera leaf, wild cherry bark, tea tree oil, lavender, mandarin Italian fig, fall ginger pumpkin, and numerous others. For the ultimate in cleansing conditioning, WEN by Chaz has you covered.

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OSI Group & It’s Global Presence

This process includes distribution, food development, and processing, but not in that particular order. Have you ever heard of a company named OSI Group? Well if you haven’t then this article will give you a better understanding of how great this company truly is and what it does.

OSI Group started out as a family meat packing market well over a century ago. The company was founded by Otto Kolshowsky in the Chicago’s Oak Park Subdivision. At that specific point in time, the company’s name was Otto & Sons and it established itself as one of the best meat suppliers in the area. Today it has grown into one of the largest privately held companies in the nation thanks to it’s wonderful services and high quality food products.

Forbes has ranked the company on many occasions throughout the years thanks to it’s continued growth. As of today, OSI Group is a premier worldwide food supplier. It produces many different food sources such as hot dogs, pizza, meat patties, bacon, poultry, dough products, and pork. Many of todays most popular retailers/businesses receive their food products from OSI Group. This includes Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Starbucks, as well as numerous grocery outlets. The company can even create custom food products also.

In August of 2016, OSI strengthened it’s global presence with the acquisition of BAHO Food, which is a private Dutch powerhouse in meat product manufacturing. BAHO gives OSI Group more footing overseas as it serves up to 18 European countries.

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Gather ‘Round, It’s A Technology Bake-Off!

Securus Technologies has been providing technology solutions to corrections facilities throughout the country. Recently, they have been announced a finalist for The Stevie Awards in the category of “Best Customer Service“.


As their sales soar and their support teams thrive, competitors in the market have become concerned. Global Tel Link, Securus’ main competitor, has issued some claims suggesting that Securus is using comparable technology. While Securus has maintained that they’ve exclusively used their own, sophisticated VoIP platform, Global Tel Link has continued this assertion.


Securus in turn, has challenged GTL to what they are referring to as a “technology bake-off”. They have offered to have an independent judge evaluate both Securus’ and GTL’s technology and business practices to settle who has the most sophisticated product. Securus is confident that their product is the superior.


While GTL has indicated that they outsource the majority of their call center staff, Securus runs call centers in the US.


Inmates in corrections institutions have had their communication needs met in the most affordable manner, thanks to Securus. Recently, Securus’ call volume exceeded 1 million calls on Christmas Day, an achievement that couldn’t be made without an exceptional product and committed team members.


Will GTL accept Securus’ offer for this “bake-off”? While GTL has yet to respond to the offer, Securus continues to insist that they have the superior product and services.