Treat Your Hair to Greatness

Over the years, women and men alike have always been concerned about personal health. Your hair is responsible for making an even greater impact of your personality wherever your go, but with increasing pollution, your hair is constantly at a risk of damage, which a large sum of people have fallen victim to. This is what motivated Chaz Dean to come up with a product line on that has today gained huge popularity over the span of very little time.

A celebrity hair stylist whose skills have earned him recognition on a national level, Chaz Dean has mastered the art of hair styling. With a passion for hairdressing and treatment, Dean has consistently been making efforts to develop new products, like conditioners and cleansers, which help maintain the health of your hair. Professionally, he has been working under the title of WEN to hone his skills and knowledge to the fullest. He first started his career by developing hair care precuts at a popular Beverly Hills salon. His work was as assistance to the manager of the saloon gained him the experience and insight that he needed, as he learned the basics of how hair treatment works. His work achieved great appreciation and later led him to be provided an opportunity to create a deep conditioner for the salon’s very own product line on This later gave him the confidence to create his line of natural products.

The sole purpose behind WEN is to provide people with beautiful hair without sacrificing the health of the hair. Most people go through a routine of cleaning and conditioning hair regularly, but in this process the hair goes through immense damage that chemicals such as sulfates can cause, all the while providing your hair with a temporary luster. Dean studied the harsh effects of leather on the hair. No matter what the shampoo may be, if it contains leather as one of the components, it is bound to leave your hair brittle and prone to breaking. This made him realize how hair can be cleansed without using lather at all. With ingredients such as rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, apples, bananas and pears, he made a concoction and tried it on his very own hair. The results at included properly cleansed, hydrated hair without any damage, which led him to take this idea into a laboratory to fuel up the production work.

Developing organic products was not enough, and products could not be allowed to hit the market without proper quality testing. Dean took on this task and underwent the long and excruciating process of testing his product until it gained perfection. His efforts at trial and error on his own hair, experimenting with various formulas, and working for extensive hours, has led to WEN to get to a point today where his products are effective and safe for any age group to use.

What Kabbalah Centre Teaches

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom. It supplies practical tools for creating joy as well as lasting fulfillment. This ancient wisdom will change the way you view the world. It is an incredible system of technology. Kabbalah is taught as a way to make a better world and a better life. It is not taught as a scholarly study.

This Centre is a non-profit organization. It makes the principles of Kabbalah easy to understand and relevant to your everyday life. The teachers supply students with spiritual tools. These tools are based on kabbalistic principles. The students can apply them however they choose to improve their own lives. They make the world better by doing this. In 1922, Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded the Kabbalah Centre. It now spans the globe. Their brick-and-mortar locations are located in more than 40 cities. The Centre’s online presence is extensive as well.

Over time, there have been many meanings of Kabbalah developed. The meanings mean a lot of different things to different people. There are different interpretations of Kabbalah around the world. The Centre supports all of them.

Kabbalah is taught as a universal wisdom. It predates the Bible or religion. Anyone can study Kabbalah regardless of their path or faith. The origin of Creation is described in this course of study. There are a lineage of great kabbalalists at the Kabbalah Centre. This wisdom is presented from them. The course of study also describes the spiritual and physical laws of the universe, which include the journey of the soul and human existence.

The goal of the Kabbalah Centre is to provide a platform to assist students to improve their lives. There are spiritual tools provided to the students. The application of these tools is what can generate the positive difference in each student’s life journey.

What They Teach at the Kabbalah Centre

There are five main principles:

* Sharing – Sharing is the purpose of life. It is the only way to truly receive fulfillment.

* Balance and Awareness of the Ego – The ego can be a key source of issues. It allows people to believe that others are apart from them.

* Existence of Spiritual Laws – Spiritual laws in the universe can affect people’s lives. The Law of Cause and Effect is one of these.

* We Are All One – Every human being has a spark of the Creator. It binds each and every person into one totality. This is an understanding that informs people of the spiritual precept that each human being must be treated with dignity all the time.

* Exiting Our Comfort Zone Can Generate Miracles – When you become uncomfortable to help another individual, you tap into a spiritual dimension. This brings positivity and Light to people’s lives.

The Success Of Livio Bisterzo In The Food And Drinks Industry

Hippeas is a new brand of Organic Chickpea Puffs. Hippeas chickpea snacks are light, crunchy, and have low amounts of calories. Moreover, the meals are purely vegan, kosher, and certified gluten-free. Lovers of Hippeas chickpea snacks get three grams of fiber and four grams of protein per serving. The snack is made from USDA organic certified chickpeas.

Hippeas chickpea snacks have six flavors. They are Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power, Happenin’ Hickory, Maple Haze, Vegan White Cheddar, and Sriracha Sunshine. Hippeas has partnered with Farm Africa. It is a charitable organization that is dedicated to ending hunger and bringing wealth to rural eastern Africa. Hippeas donates a portion of its sales to Farm Africa to support chickpea farmers in the region. Hippeas chickpea snacks are available at Whole Foods, Amazon, and Starbucks outlets nationwide.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Park Holdings. Bisterzo also founded The Alvaro Group and Little Miracle Drinks in 2006 and 2011 respectively. He was born in Italy. Bisterzo spent most of his life in London, but he currently resided in California. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management in Fashion from the University of the Arts London. His first entrepreneurial venture came in 2003 when he founded an events business. He then created a business portfolio ranging from lifestyle businesses to hospitality and consumer brands.

Bisterzo launched Green Park Holdings in 2015. The company’s mission is to create an innovative multichannel food and drinks brands. Green Park Holdings’ vision is to pioneer the agenda for positive change in the food and drink industry. Bisterzo said that Hippeas has all the ingredients to become the most beloved snack brand globally. Hippeas product proposition embodies every major snacking global trend. Moreover, the brand delivers a powerful emotional storyline to its consumers. Bisterzo started working with chickpeas as the main ingredient for the product. He worked tirelessly to get the right shape, taste, bite, and texture of the snack. Bisterzo added that the company knew that it had to make a product that did not steer too far away from what the consumers are used to. He stated that Green Park Holdings wanted their snacks to be culturally relevant, addressed many consumer trends, and resonated with the consumers.

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How Thor Halvorrsen and the Human Rights Foundation Fight Injustice

When a person is approaching death, she will begin to reflect on the decisions that she has made. She will be more introspective than she has ever been in her entire life, thinking about past mistakes, the mark that she will leave on the world and what more she could have done. Most people who look at their humanitarian efforts will see how they have fallen short. However, individuals such as Thor Halvorrsen will not have that problem. As the President of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorrsen has spent his life and career fighting injustice throughout the world and reenforcing basic human rights and dignity. Sometimes that will mean criticizing a government, a form of government, or the actions of individuals.

How Socialism Contributes To Food Shortages

He pointed out in this interview with FOX News that in a socialistic economy, the government will control the price of goods. However, if they make the prices too low (as an attempt to benefit the people), grocery stores will not be able to pay their distributors. If they make the prices too high, people will not be able to afford them and again, grocery stores will not be able to pay their distributors. Consequently, argues Halvorrsen, socialism can result in food shortages.

Communism Is A Form of Socialism

In the linked video, Halvorrsen pointed out that from an academic perspective, some of the more extreme ideologies are inextricably linked to socialism. In fact, they are a branch of socialism. Communism and Marxism are branches of socialism. In these socialistic nations, there are violations of free speech and freedom of worship. The Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China both classify themselves as socialistic forms of government and have both been guilty of violating basic human rights.

While bringing food to someone who is hungry is necessary and a virtue, it is really not enough. These problems need to be addressed at a higher level. That is what Thor Halvorrsen does through the Human Rights Foundation by combating socialism.

Keeping the Holidays Bright with Securus

Your loved one in prison can benefit greatly from using a system like Securus, especially during the holiday season when they would otherwise be spending a lot of time with you and your family. The Christmas season is difficult for so many individuals who just want to be able to keep in touch with their loved ones more regularly without having to always make a trip to the prison where it is probably not as cost-effective as they would like and it is going to also be too convenient this time of year.


The Christmas season can be a lot brighter when using this amazing system and it is also something that I have used in the past with great luck. It allowed me to finally have good quality communication with my loved one using their video visitation Services right from my own house just because I had a computer or laptop that had the program installed onto it.


There is no better way for you to keep in contact with your loved one during the holiday season than by utilizing a system like security and knowing that it is there for you when you need it the most. It is also very easy for you to use even if you are not considered to be technologically advanced and have issues using these types of programs in the past. This is why a lot of prison families utilize to cure it whenever they need to keep in contact with their loved ones and are finding it to be one of the best systems that they have ever used in their entire life.


There are many different systems out there on the market right now but there is nothing quite like Securus because of how beneficial it has been for a lot of individuals in this particular situation. You will find that it is much easier and better for you to celebrate the holidays when you know you are going to be able to keep in contact with your loved one no matter where they happen to be in the country. This is great for prison families of all shapes and sizes and can be incredibly cost-effective for your family as well.


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George Soros Meets With Democrat Leaders

The 2016 presidential election was one of the most shocking in modern history. Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was heavily favored to win the election. Unfortunately for her, she lost and the Democrat party also suffered a major setback by losing both the House of Representatives and the senate. As a result of this disappointing outcome, a number of liberal leaders met in Washington to discuss the next steps in order to regain power. Billionaire investor George Soros visited Washington to talk to Democrat leaders about what they plan to do next. Soros has donated millions of dollars to Democrat political candidates in the past and is therefore heavily involved in politics.

During the discussions, Democrat politicians, union leaders and George Soros emphasized their intention to challenge a number of policies that Trump looks to adopt. They believe that Trump and the Republicans will nullify the accomplishments of Barack Obama as well as adopt fiscal policies that will increase the deficit and the national debt. Trump and conservatives have also looked to crack down on illegal immigration and deport millions of immigrants. As a result, the Democrats will push very hard to make sure that none of these policies are successfully imposed. Democrats and George Soros will look to challenge Trump’s policies by retaining Obamacare and appointing new leadership.

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Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’
The Capitalist Threat

The first step that Democrats will take in order to challenge Trump and his policies is to appoint a new head of the Democratic National Committee. Their first choice is Minnesota senator Keith Ellison. He is well known as a prominent liberal leader who will effectively represent the Democrat party. With his leadership, the Democrats will be able to assemble the political leaders that will effectively maintain liberal policies as well as adopt new ones. As well as nominating new leaders, Ellison will also provide the Democrat party with a strong voice in Washington that will hopefully lead to favorable results for the party.

This was a law that allowed all Americans to receive health insurance without any limitations. While the new law provided better access to healthcare, conservatives have disapproved of it. Therefore, they along with new president elect Donald Trump has looked to repeal it at the beginning of his term. Democrats believe that repealing Obamacare will cause a lot of hardship on millions of Americans and therefore must prevent it from being eliminated. Therefore, the Democrats will challenge the repeal and hopefully keep Obamacare intact.

With this agenda, Democrats and liberals will look to make sure that conservatives don’t adopt policies that hurt the nation in the coming years. By appointing new leadership, liberals will be in position to have strong individuals that will look for a compromise. Challenging Trump’s policies will also allow the nation to keep making political progress in the coming years.

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Ricardo Tosto

A term that has caught the attention of a lot of company, boss and employee, the such “gull manager”. Unlike the good boss, this one usually puts even more obstacles instead of contributing viable solutions to the existing problem.

They say that the head of truth is the one who gives not only orders but also the example. The one who is aware of the events that took place within the work team and has sufficient information to intervene, efficiently, in case the group is in trouble. The businessman and consultant of people, Ricardo Tosto, however, emphasizes a term that has caught the attention of many company, chief and official, such “1) “. Unlike the good boss, this one usually puts even more obstacles instead of contributing viable solutions to the existing problem.

The problem remains unsolved and, unlike the good boss, the gull manager only generates more confusion and stress. “He tries to find out about the team only when things are in a critical situation. He does not have the slightest idea of what is happening, but because he occupies a superior position, he wants to take a stand and give his opinion without the slightest basis on the problem, “explains Ricardo Tosto. Not that he does not seek or hear, momentarily, about the problem, but nothing compares to who participates from the beginning.

However, the people consultant, Ricardo Tosto, warns that for the manager who is in the characteristics of seagull, it is difficult to perceive the impact of the own behavior. According to him, senior leadership does not guide what is needed about the harms caused by a gull manager within a company, from corporate income to personal and employee health issues. Some data express the unpleasant reality, employees who are led by a gull manager have about 30% more chances of developing heart disease. The team’s dissatisfaction also stands out, about two-thirds of Americans consider leaving their current job, which translates into $ 360 billion in annual losses for companies with disgruntled employees.

The Kabbalah Centre is a Good Place To Study

The Kabbalah Centre is a great place for people to study the presence of God without the restraints of normal religion. There are many people who come every year because they want to be sure that they can get something that will make them feel a lot better than they did before. That is why they need to be studying, and it is also why they need to be sure that they come into any of the offices around the world where study is welcome. They can use the libraries that the Berg family put together, and they can meditate or sit in quiet.

The person who comes to the religion Centre to learn will be met with a lot of nice people the Berg children who now run the Centre. They can get help figuring out how they will continue their studies, and they can figure out how easy it is for them to get closer to the presence of God just through study.  Their own pursuit is sometimes the only thing they can image living for.

The Kabbalah Centre focuses on a simple form of Judaism that is mystical in nature, and people who want to learn about this would do well to start looking at ways that they can study different religions. The religions are all represented, and they have to be sure that they have been open and thoughtful in the way that all the other people at the Kabbalah Centre are. These people want to be sure that they can work with people who are doing similar things, and they want to have partners with whom they can talk about God.

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Why Malini Saba Didn’t Want To Settle

A lot of people settle in their lives. While some people think that what other settle for is better than nothing, for people like Malini Saba, it is pure hell. One of the worst things for people with ambition and talent is to settle for something and then wonder how their lives would’ve been if they would’ve pursued their talents. This is a waste of life. One thing that Malini Saba didn’t want to do was waste her life, especially since she had a daughter.


Malini has definitely communicated that to her daughter. She is also sending the message to other women as well who have found themselves facing hard times. For one thing, poverty is a very scary thing to go through for a family. As a matter of fact, it could be one of the scariest things for a single mother because she is not only faced with losing her home, but also faced with losing her family. This is why it is important that people take the time to pursue what it is they want.


Malini Saba fought really hard for what she wanted because she knew the disadvantages of having a regular job. There is a lot of workplace drama as well as politics. There is also the constant anxiety of losing a job that the person is faced with. Fortunately, with her own institution, she does not have to worry about losing her work. She has the skills needed to take on the financial industry. Therefore, she has made a successful investment company. She wouldn’t have done this if she had not settled and stayed in her place.


Malini is someone who does not want anyone to settle when they are trying to climb to the top. One advice that she would give others is to not necessarily let other people talk them out of their goals. For one thing, these people might actually be jealous and not want them to succeed at anything.


John Goullet is Helping To Mold The Future

Everybody has their day in the sun and their time to shine. They try to make the most out of it, enjoy it, and get everything they can out of it while they are in that position. In the case of John Goullet, he is proud of everything that he has accomplished and is still accomplishing in the IT world. He knows he is not a finished product, but he knows he founded Info Technologies, which found solutions for Fortune 500 companies. They were an IT staffing company and it did not take long for them to make money and make a real difference under John’s watchful eye.

The wonderful thing about John is he never likes to take the credit for it. He likes to thank the team, as he knows he is only as good the people around him. They help him just as much as he helps them. However, he believes he has a big responsibility and that responsibility is to help the future of the IT world.

However, a lot of these IT professionals, even though they are professionals, they have never had someone look out for them. In many situations, they are thrown to the wolves and they are asked to sink or swim. No one is out there looking for them and helping them. They are on an island, which can be a very scary place to be for someone that is just starting out for the first time. That is where John Goullet and Diversant come in and they save the day for this person. They give them all of the tools and all of the information they need to further the IT world and make it a better place in the future.

In the end, John Goullet wants to leave his stamp on the IT world and he wants to leave his stamp on the IT professionals. That is satisfaction to him.