A Basic Review Of The Benefits Of Embracing Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage may be classified as an insurance scheme where members are allowed to access certain medical services. The program operates through plans, which can basically be defined as packages that come with the benefits one can access for signing up to the program.

Understanding what each plan offers is necessary since it allows you to make the right decision when you want to choose a plan that best describes the needs you have. It also eliminates the possibility of spending more because the terms offered in these plans differ depending on the provider and benefits therein.

Who qualifies for Medicare Advantage?
The criterion applied in Medicare Advantage plans is simple for the basic user. For enrollment, one is required to be part of both Medicare Part A and B. There are also groups of people exempted from the program like those with end-stage renal disease. You should also ensure you live within an area where the plan you are looking to enroll is available.

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Benefits of choosing Medicare Advantage plans
There is a wide range of benefits for choosing Medicare Advantage plans, one of them being that some insurance firms offer up to zero premiums for the plans. However, such availability may be affected by the state you live in. Also beyond the ordinary benefits you may receive some Medicare Advantage plans may include extra benefits like dental and vision, which are not included in Part A and Part B.

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Reviewing InnovaCare Health
The company has made bold attempts to strengthen the executive team, which has come up with strategies like adoption of latest technological features to streamline service delivery and to enhance efficiency. InnovaCare is dedicated to offering high-quality services that are driven by the need to ensure patients receive equal care and reliable services that can fully cater for their Medicare needs.

About the leadership
The leadership of InnovaCare Health is comprised of dedicated professionals like Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Dr. Rick Shinto is the President and CEO and through his tenure, InnovaCare has grown into more than a managed healthcare services provider. Richard Shinto holds prior experience since he has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 20 year, once serving as the CEO of Aveta Inc. His close associate Penelope Kokkinides is an invaluable asset to InnovaCare Health as she boasts of similar amount years in the industry.

CEO Dr. Rick Shinto And CAO Penelope Kokkinides: InnovaCare Health’s Driving Force

InnovaCare Health CEO Richard Shinto, M.D. and CAO Penelope Kokkinides are the two leading forces behind the growth of the company into a national leader in managed care for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. The two have put the company on a path to provide quality care at prices that are acceptable under the Medicare Advantage program. Medicare Advantage is a program through which Medicare recipients can use private insurance companies to pay for the medical services they need. The insurance companies are then reimbursed by the federal government.

With original Medicare, beneficiaries receive their medical treatment through approved medical facilities. Those services are paid for by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. InnovaCare Health through their Medicaid programs, Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage is able to provide higher quality care yet keep the costs within the Medicare Advantage price guidelines. This is because of the innovate, caring leadership of Dr. Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Their facilities use the best doctors and cutting-edge technologies to provide outstanding care cost-efficiently.

Under the experienced leadership of CEO Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, CAO, InnovaCare Health has become known for using state-of-the-art facilities, industry leading doctors and medical staff, the most effective medical practices, fostering strong patient-doctor relationships and putting the patient first. Those are outstanding achievements in today’s complex, challenging healthcare environment. Through Shinto and Kokkinides’ vision and hard work, InnovaCare Health is able to reach these objectives while keeping costs down.

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CAO Penelope Kokkinides has been working in leadership positions in the healthcare industry for more than two decades. Dr. Shinto too brings over 20 years of leadership experience to InnovaCare Health. The combination of their skills and experience enable them to provide unique leadership to InnovaCare Health, keep all stakeholders aware and make sure the quality of life for Medicare Advantage patients improves. The company has proven over time that their methods lead to better care for their Medicare Advantage patients while controlling costs, growing the company and keeping their top-flight physicians happy.

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The privately held company uses its nearly 5,000 employee to not only help Medicare Advantage patients heal from a myriad of illnesses, it also offers the preventative care services as well as the latest health, wellness and fitness information.

InnovaCare Health Supports Medicare Advantage Plan

When most people think about Medicare they think about Original Medicare. Original Medicare is OK but there are no limits on the amount of out-of-pocket costs a patient will have to pay. A Medicare Advantage Plan is a plan administered by a private insurance company that contracts with the federal government. These plans pay a fixed amount per person for specific medical benefits. Some of the most common types of Medicare Advantage Plans are Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS). There are also Special Needs Plans (SNPs). These cover some pre-existing conditions.

You will still have Medicare with a Medicare Advantage Plan. You still need to pay your monthly Part B premium. The Advantage plans offer the same services offered by Medicare but they have different costs, restrictions and other rules. One major advantage to the Advantage Plans are that they limit your out-of-pocket expenses on companybooknetworking.com. The limits are high, however, remember the Original plan is unlimited. The Advantage Plans may even cover routine vision and dental care. The Advantage plan often charges an additional premium to the Medicare Part B premium.

To qualify for a Medicare Advantage Plan you have to have Medicare parts A and B. You have to live within the cover area. You cannot have End-Stage Renal Disease. You can enroll in the SNP though. You will need to join a plan that has Part D drug coverage or buy that separately if you want it.

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InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC: Private Company Information

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a provider of managed healthcare services in North America and Puerto Rico. They use two methods of providing care, Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage Plans. Dr. Richard Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. He has over 20 years of clinical and operational healthcare experience.

Dr. Rick Shinto has written several articles on clinical medicine. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University pf California at Irvine. He earned his medical degree from the State University pf New York, and an MBA from the University of Redlands.

Penelope Kokkinides has a B.S. in biological sciences and classical languages from Birmingham University She earned her M.S. in Social Work at New York University.

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The Successful Investments, Giving, And Growth Of Malini Saba

Malini Saban, the founder and chairperson of Saban is a passionate philanthropist. While this South Asian woman’s company invests in real estate, gas, oil, and tech companies in Australia, China, and the US, she spends her free time trying to help low income, at-risk women worldwide. Saban created a non-profit organization called Stree: Global Investments in Women in 2001. It offers women access to legal empowerment, healthcare and public policy forums in India, Eastern Europe, Central America, and Africa.

In 2004 when a tsunami ravaged parts of India and Sri Lanka, Malini pledged $10 million to assist the victims and rebuild the countries. The following year when El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California was attempting to set up the Heart Research Center that was the world’s first for South Asians, Malini Saba was among the first to show support. She donated $1 million to their noteworthy effort. Those noble acts show the character of this successful entrepreneur and investor.

It invests in real estate, oil and gas, and technology companies worldwide. Those companies include Netscreen Technologies, Inc., PayPal Inc., and Sycamore Networks Inc. Those investment have Saban in conference calls to Asia at 5a.m. and attending 45 minute meetings relating to her investments throughout Europe and the U.S.

But for Malini Saba, the most important activities during the day are taking her daughter to school, picking her up in the afternoon, and spending as much quality time with her as possible every day. She’s nurturing her daughter’s potential just as she does her investments investment in agriculture, commodities, real estate, retail, iron ore mines, and emerging markets. Both tasks require her prodigious skills and call for learning and growing every day. She simply does her research and takes the necessary risks that she’s certain will lead to success.

Saba has learned as a woman and visionary entrepreneur she cannot let people bully her or control the manifestation of her dreams and goals. She has learned from her successes and her failures and is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Saban remains involved in day to day operations on her projects whether in the rice fields, mines, or with start-up companies. But she still makes time for good food, great wines, and meaningful books.

Fox News Commentator Glenn Beck Accuses George Soros Of Running A Shadow Government

Glenn Beck is undoubtedly one of the stars of Fox News. Beck has a way of being nasty, annoying and rude. Beck took his nastiness to a whole new level when he aimed his nastiness on billionaire investor George Soros Ukraine. The Beck three-part series was not that factual. At times, it was only Beck’s take on the life of a man that became a giant philanthropist and liberal thinker in spite of the fact that he experienced a Nazi occupation at the age of 14 in Hungary. The Beck series on Soros was tainted with a brush filled with anti-Semitism innuendos that paints Soros as a Nazi helper, according to an article published by reason.com.

George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930, and he did spend his boyhood hiding from the Nazis. Soros survived the occupation, but there were times he thought he would not survive, according to the New Yorker article. Thanks to his father idea to disguise the family Jewishness with fake ID’s and identities, young Soros managed to escape, but he did witness the early years of an idealistic dictatorship. George made his way to England and earned a degree in philosophy from the London School of Economics. That’s where George Soros discovered a love for the financial industry. In 1956, George decided to move to New York, and he found a job on Wall Street. The rest of the Soros story is movie ready. He broke the Bank of England in 1992 when he bet the UK would have to devalue the pound. He made more than a billion dollars from that bet, and he hasn’t stopped making billions since then. He is currently listed as number 35 on the Forbes wealthiest list. Soros is not what Beck insinuated he is. Soros is a freedom fighter and a hero of democracy.

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George Soros – The New York Times

Soros supports a number of causes. His Open Society Institute and Foundation helps people in other countries taste democracy and what the words open society really mean. It is true that Soros does not support Israel, but that has nothing to do with his opinion of Jews. Soros is from Jewish-Hungarian descent. But that didn’t stop comedian Jackie Mason from labeling Soros as a “self-hating Jew back in 2003. The story of 14-year-old Soros and his experiences in Hungary has been told many times through the years, and men like Beck have gotten those stories dead wrong to feather their own bed of thoughts about Soros, the billionaire hedge fund genius.

That destructive notion stems from Beck’s own insecurities and it is a total misrepresentation of what Soros is trying to do in countries that are under the influence of governments that restrict and reject personal freedom. The foundation for the Open Society Institute is based on the principle that no ideology or philosophy has the final word on truth. Societies only grow and flourish when they are allowed democratic freedom of expression and when there is sincere respect for human rights. According to an article published by Newyorker.com, Beck’s series on George Soros is an attempt to turn the career of the hedge fund genius and true freedom fighter into an untrue two-word description of his actions, thoughts, and intentions.

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Cleanup the Search Engine and Your Reputation

It is hard enough to make a profitable go of being an entrepreneur without having your good name wrecked online by erroneous information that has been posted about you. There are times when, for whatever reason, another individual develops a deep rooted hatred of sorts towards an individual or small business. Rather justified or not, it is important to manage such comments made online because they can have the potential to call into question what is an otherwise impeccable sense of integrity.


A service offered by searchcleanup.com can go a long ways towards ensuring that your good reputation is held in tact.  Any attack on your business or your integrity is a direct threat to your financial livelihood. You simply should not allow such threats to be left out there for all to see. At the same time, it is often difficult to get such online data removed effectively, which is where a good reputation management service comes into play.


Rather than engaging those who would seek to do you harm in online comments and conversation that could actually become more detrimental to your business, searchcleanup.com can simply clean up bad reviews online and get your company back on track. That will allow you to focus on your loyal customer base that understands and knows your reputation for a quality product and service. It is all about preserving and maintaining your good name.
A reputation management service is able to scour the Internet and its various search engines to determine what hurtful information is being disseminated about you. They can then set out to remove this information once and for all, virtually ensuring that people who search for you will read and see the positive.

George Soros Puts All His American Investments Back Into Gold

CNBC has reported the American investments of George Soros have been moved out of a lot of the American markets to gold and gold production. There are gold producers around the world that are making money for their clients, and George Soros is coming into the industry at a perfect time for him. He is sure that he can stabilize his money when he is changing his investments, and he is skittish about the American elections. The elections could change the American economy, and George Soros does not want to lose money because the markets react badly to the elections.

The best part of this for George Soros is that he will be able to use the money he moves to the gold market to make more cash without the worry of a fallout in America. There are a lot of people who want to have their money in more stable places, and they can follow the example that they are getting from George Soros. He knows that gold has always been fairly stable for the majority of his life, and he is sure that this is a safer decision than waiting for something bad to happen.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

George Soros is one of the best investors in the world who has made his billions investing in currency and other things that have been profitable for him. He is a progressive who gives his money to campaigns for progressive candidates, and he wants to be sure that all the right people are in office to help regulate the economy. The economy is constantly changing because of the way politics is in flux all the time. George Soros knows how to move his money around to avoid problems with the economy, and he also wants to be sure that he is pushing for what he believes is the right ideological stance to put in office.

He has a lot of insight into how people invest, and he makes it very easy for people to understand why he does what he does. The American elections could spell calamity for the world economy, but George Soros will be ready for the changes because he is now one of the largest investors in the world in gold, gold production and gold production companies.

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