The Beauty of Dr. Walden’s Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is a plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas where she founded the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center and Laser Center, PLLC and Jennifer Walden, MD., PLLC in the year 2012. Here she provides cosmetic and outpatient surgery services to patients. She has a wide experience having held positions in various health institutions before striking out on her own.

According to various Jennifer Walden reviews from patients, Dr. Walden begins by educating the patient. She takes the time to explain the procedure so that the patient makes an informed choice. It is clear that she desires is what is best for the patient, and some of the reviews are from patients who chose to forgo the procedures after getting information on how surgery would affect their health to learn more: click here.

The doctor and her staff are very professional, and reviews that compare her practice and others show that her practice rates highly above all others. The place is organized, and the members of staff are friendly and ready to help. Results from plastic surgeries have had very positive reviews. All patient reviews show that they are satisfied and praise Dr. Walden for doing an excellent job to make them look and feel beautiful.

About Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Walden was born in 1971 to medical professional parents. She attended the University of Texas, Austin where she got her Bachelor of Arts, Biology degree. Dr. Jennifer went on to get her Medical Doctorate and do her residency in Integrated Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. She moved on to the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for her Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship.

Walden has worked at various medical institutions before moving back to her hometown to begin her private surgery practice. She has several awards including The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence In Medicine Award. From a personal perspective, Walden is a mother of two boys.