See Why Sussex Healthcare Has Become The Hope Of The Elderly And Disabled

The United Kingdom is among the top nations that greatly value the quality of healthcare services they deliver to those in need. It is hard to find people with debilitating diseases and disability issues neglected in this country. For this reason, the whole world has highly esteemed UK on healthcare matters. All this would not be if healthcare companies such as Sussex Healthcare were not committed to what they do today. This independent healthcare company has about 20 locations that are designated for long-term care residents. The residents of this company benefit a lot from the custom healthcare plans that Sussex Healthcare has come up with.

Things will even turn out better now that Amanda Morgan has been appointed the new Sussex Healthcare CEO. This is a signal that the company is committed to improving the quality of the healthcare operations and activities it has been offering. The background knowledge and experience that Amanda has will definitely help the company do better than it has done before. She has managed other healthcare organizations that were in transition periods. She worked as just a service manager in 1984 but she has now held various executive positions because of the knowledge she has garnered all this period. The company is set to benefit from some of her keystones such as the integrated approach to compliance and quality healthcare services.


The team you find in Sussex Healthcare is highly trained and passionate about quality health. They are properly trained on how to use the modern technology and devices when handling the elderly and disabled with special needs. Most of the residents in this company are those suffering from learning disabilities, mental impairments, Alzheimer’s disease and also neurological disorders. Occupational therapy, physical therapy and also alternative treatments are the additional services Sussex Healthcare offers to the clients who need them. In addition to these therapeutic protocols, the company also has others that include nutritional support programs, personal hydrotherapy sessions and also physical rehabilitation.

Sussex Healthcare assumed its full operations in 1985 from a single location. Since 1998, the company has provided adequate support for the sick and elderly. However, the company went on to add some more services as its locations increase. The company is going through a moment of restructuring and transition and Amanda is expected to bring her vast knowledge here to ensure the process is smooth and fruitful. In 2016, the excellent healthcare serves the company offers didn’t go unnoticed. Its efforts were recognized by the Asian Business Awards for its quality end-of-life treatments, palliative care, and respite care.