Minneapolis blessing:Mighty Fortress International, the church everybody would enjoy to visit

Four magnificent churches mentioned in the previous post about the Top 25 most beautiful churches in Minnesota, have taken place in Minneapolis. Each one of them is unique and have their own merits.

The oldest one from that list is a Romanesque style Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church was built in 1894. This incredible building was designed by famous church architect Warren H. Hayes.

The other one, Basilica of St. Mary, today raises funds for charities by organizing the Basilica Block Party festival every year.

Lakewood Memorial Chapel Church is located inside of Lakewood Cemetery and serves as the architectural focal point.

And Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church featuring a stunning English Rural Gothic architecture is known for being the second tallest building in the city. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

The outside beauty of the buildings are a great bonus, but let’s look what’s happening inside on an example of one of the modern churches, Mighty Fortress International.

Here, everybody is welcome, despite of race and culture. It’s difference is not only in the friendly environment, but a relevant to modern life, style of worshiping which encourages you to come as you are and be free to express your gratitude toward God, unlike many other churches which are very formal and have boring repeating rituals, so a lot of people, especially youth, are turned off and don’t want to go back.

In Mighty Fortress Church you could come to deepen your knowledge about God and victorious Christian living, build strong relationships with others through the life changing worship and practical Bible teachings, get honest answers to the toughest life challenges and in return receive His blessings, inspiration and spiritual refreshment. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Mighty Fortress International has lovely band, choir and worship team creating such a warm atmosphere.

This church was founded by Bishop T. R. Williams, who is also a senior pastor of Mighty Fortress International Ministries. He has two Honorable Doctorate Degrees from Midwest Christian College & Seminary and from St. Thomas College in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s been serving in ministry for over 30 years. Bishop Williams’ ministry delivers a strong message of empowerment and encouragement to modern day Christians.

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