George Soros Meets With Democrat Leaders

The 2016 presidential election was one of the most shocking in modern history. Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was heavily favored to win the election. Unfortunately for her, she lost and the Democrat party also suffered a major setback by losing both the House of Representatives and the senate. As a result of this disappointing outcome, a number of liberal leaders met in Washington to discuss the next steps in order to regain power. Billionaire investor George Soros visited Washington to talk to Democrat leaders about what they plan to do next. Soros has donated millions of dollars to Democrat political candidates in the past and is therefore heavily involved in politics.

During the discussions, Democrat politicians, union leaders and George Soros emphasized their intention to challenge a number of policies that Trump looks to adopt. They believe that Trump and the Republicans will nullify the accomplishments of Barack Obama as well as adopt fiscal policies that will increase the deficit and the national debt. Trump and conservatives have also looked to crack down on illegal immigration and deport millions of immigrants. As a result, the Democrats will push very hard to make sure that none of these policies are successfully imposed. Democrats and George Soros will look to challenge Trump’s policies by retaining Obamacare and appointing new leadership.

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The first step that Democrats will take in order to challenge Trump and his policies is to appoint a new head of the Democratic National Committee. Their first choice is Minnesota senator Keith Ellison. He is well known as a prominent liberal leader who will effectively represent the Democrat party. With his leadership, the Democrats will be able to assemble the political leaders that will effectively maintain liberal policies as well as adopt new ones. As well as nominating new leaders, Ellison will also provide the Democrat party with a strong voice in Washington that will hopefully lead to favorable results for the party.

This was a law that allowed all Americans to receive health insurance without any limitations. While the new law provided better access to healthcare, conservatives have disapproved of it. Therefore, they along with new president elect Donald Trump has looked to repeal it at the beginning of his term. Democrats believe that repealing Obamacare will cause a lot of hardship on millions of Americans and therefore must prevent it from being eliminated. Therefore, the Democrats will challenge the repeal and hopefully keep Obamacare intact.

With this agenda, Democrats and liberals will look to make sure that conservatives don’t adopt policies that hurt the nation in the coming years. By appointing new leadership, liberals will be in position to have strong individuals that will look for a compromise. Challenging Trump’s policies will also allow the nation to keep making political progress in the coming years.

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