How Thor Halvorrsen and the Human Rights Foundation Fight Injustice

When a person is approaching death, she will begin to reflect on the decisions that she has made. She will be more introspective than she has ever been in her entire life, thinking about past mistakes, the mark that she will leave on the world and what more she could have done. Most people who look at their humanitarian efforts will see how they have fallen short. However, individuals such as Thor Halvorrsen will not have that problem. As the President of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorrsen has spent his life and career fighting injustice throughout the world and reenforcing basic human rights and dignity. Sometimes that will mean criticizing a government, a form of government, or the actions of individuals.

How Socialism Contributes To Food Shortages

He pointed out in this interview with FOX News that in a socialistic economy, the government will control the price of goods. However, if they make the prices too low (as an attempt to benefit the people), grocery stores will not be able to pay their distributors. If they make the prices too high, people will not be able to afford them and again, grocery stores will not be able to pay their distributors. Consequently, argues Halvorrsen, socialism can result in food shortages.

Communism Is A Form of Socialism

In the linked video, Halvorrsen pointed out that from an academic perspective, some of the more extreme ideologies are inextricably linked to socialism. In fact, they are a branch of socialism. Communism and Marxism are branches of socialism. In these socialistic nations, there are violations of free speech and freedom of worship. The Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China both classify themselves as socialistic forms of government and have both been guilty of violating basic human rights.

While bringing food to someone who is hungry is necessary and a virtue, it is really not enough. These problems need to be addressed at a higher level. That is what Thor Halvorrsen does through the Human Rights Foundation by combating socialism.

Fox News Commentator Glenn Beck Accuses George Soros Of Running A Shadow Government

Glenn Beck is undoubtedly one of the stars of Fox News. Beck has a way of being nasty, annoying and rude. Beck took his nastiness to a whole new level when he aimed his nastiness on billionaire investor George Soros Ukraine. The Beck three-part series was not that factual. At times, it was only Beck’s take on the life of a man that became a giant philanthropist and liberal thinker in spite of the fact that he experienced a Nazi occupation at the age of 14 in Hungary. The Beck series on Soros was tainted with a brush filled with anti-Semitism innuendos that paints Soros as a Nazi helper, according to an article published by

George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930, and he did spend his boyhood hiding from the Nazis. Soros survived the occupation, but there were times he thought he would not survive, according to the New Yorker article. Thanks to his father idea to disguise the family Jewishness with fake ID’s and identities, young Soros managed to escape, but he did witness the early years of an idealistic dictatorship. George made his way to England and earned a degree in philosophy from the London School of Economics. That’s where George Soros discovered a love for the financial industry. In 1956, George decided to move to New York, and he found a job on Wall Street. The rest of the Soros story is movie ready. He broke the Bank of England in 1992 when he bet the UK would have to devalue the pound. He made more than a billion dollars from that bet, and he hasn’t stopped making billions since then. He is currently listed as number 35 on the Forbes wealthiest list. Soros is not what Beck insinuated he is. Soros is a freedom fighter and a hero of democracy.

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Soros supports a number of causes. His Open Society Institute and Foundation helps people in other countries taste democracy and what the words open society really mean. It is true that Soros does not support Israel, but that has nothing to do with his opinion of Jews. Soros is from Jewish-Hungarian descent. But that didn’t stop comedian Jackie Mason from labeling Soros as a “self-hating Jew back in 2003. The story of 14-year-old Soros and his experiences in Hungary has been told many times through the years, and men like Beck have gotten those stories dead wrong to feather their own bed of thoughts about Soros, the billionaire hedge fund genius.

That destructive notion stems from Beck’s own insecurities and it is a total misrepresentation of what Soros is trying to do in countries that are under the influence of governments that restrict and reject personal freedom. The foundation for the Open Society Institute is based on the principle that no ideology or philosophy has the final word on truth. Societies only grow and flourish when they are allowed democratic freedom of expression and when there is sincere respect for human rights. According to an article published by, Beck’s series on George Soros is an attempt to turn the career of the hedge fund genius and true freedom fighter into an untrue two-word description of his actions, thoughts, and intentions.

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