Sussex Health Care, Great Care Home

Sussex Health Care is an amazing diverse care home. This home is dedicated to treating a variety of different health issues and a variety of people of all ages. The care home is independently ran by Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani, and they have been doing an amazing job with making sure this home is well kept. Sussex Health Care has not only been accreditation once, but they have received two accreditation. In addition, they have also been licensed by the Health Quality Service. Sussex Health Care is a care home that genuinely cares about all of their patients.

Sussex Health Care knows that it can be hard for the patients and for the patients’ families to leave them in a care home that they are not familiar with. Because of this, Sussex Health Care decorates their create home very cozy so that patients and families feel warm and welcomed when they visit. Sussex Health Care’s staff also treats all patients and residents very kind and with lots of care. Each patient is given their own personalized care plan. The care plans are designed for the patients to have as much independence as possible. Staff members work with the patients each day on their daily needs and works with them by helping them to obtain their goals as well.

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Sussex Health Care is a care home that thinks that a well trained employee is very important. All Sussex Health Care employees are required to obtain the proper degree to complete their job before being hired. After they’ve actually been hired, Sussex Health Care employees are all required to undergo intensive on the job training to ensure that they are competent to do their job correctly. These techniques are what have been able to keep Sussex Health Care remain the best in their field.

Sussex Health care provides audiology services to their patients, therapy, exercise, independent living skills, rehabilitation, art, and many other services and actives to the residents. Sussex Health Care wants their patients and residents to feel like they are living their best life even though they are experiencing difficulties with their health. Sussex Health Care is defiantly the best place to come for any care home services.