Clay Siegall Confirms Further Support For Cancer Research


Many experts have tried for years to find a solution to cancer and this has been a series of research attempts. With the effort that these health experts put, today there are better cancer treatment methods but this does not mean the ultimate solution to the menace was found. More institutes have joined in the race to find a perfect way of treating cancer and in the past 10 years, many findings were made that changed how treatment is administered. Companies like Seattle Genetics, which has been sponsoring research since 1998 when it was founded, have also made the war against cancer easier by availing reliable ideas.

Launched by Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has invested heavily in the field of biotechnology and has made a lot of effort to ensure the war against cancer is won. Clay Siegall has been overseeing all the projects as the CEO of the company and he chairs the Board to ensure all the strategies laid to streamline operations factor in the relevance of supporting cancer research. In pursuit for better treatment methods, Seattle Genetics made the ADC Technology, whose approval is awesome. Through the technology, cells that are cancerous are targeted and eliminated and during the entire process, healthy cells are spared, meaning it is safer if compared to the traditional radiation method.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall has made strides as a scientist in his pursuit to find a solution to the war against cancer. He has led his career for over 20 years and within this period, he interacted with different institutions that support the development of solutions for curing cancer. Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics and the company has been researching about cancer and making products to help in the treatment of this disease.

ADCETRIS is one of the products the company made, which has been earning millions in revenues. Clay Siegall marked a great achievement when the company produced the ADC Technology, which makes it easier to treat cancer without severely affecting the body of the patient. His support for cancer research has placed him among highly acclaimed authorities in the healthcare industry.