The Chainsmokers To Take On A Darker Theme After Release Of Sick Boy

Just a few weeks ago, the worldwide sensation – The Chainsmokers released their song ‘Sick Boy’ which is already topping charts all over the world. While the duo, consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have previously released songs that people can dance to and enjoy, the new songs that the pair has started releasing have demonstrated a darker side of the music that they are producing. The song is also giving fans a glimpse of the other side of The Chainsmokers, demonstrating the hardships in life that they go through and the conditions of society in the present day.

The history of how the duo was formed was one of the themes that are highlighted in the music that the duo is now set to release. Both the members met each other while working under the same manager, and immediately clicked and started working together. Even though the music that they are making now may be on everyone’s playlists, they had to encounter a number of challenges along the way. This experience taught them that not everything in life is always cozy, and it is all part of the journey that can one day lead them to a good position within the industry.

DJing has always been a big part of the music that the duo creates. In the past, most of the music that was being released was made by them, while they relied on the work of lyricists and vocalists to fill in and make the song more relatable. To them, the music that they created wasn’t just a couple of notes that people could dance to. It was something that people would find relatable and applicable to their lives. However, as society changes and their fan base grows up, the need to change the style that they went in for was imminent. They also felt like they wanted to demonstrate more of who they are, which is why the new song features the duo, with Drew singing the main vocals of the song.

This darker theme that The Chainsmokers has now taken on has got the industry, and fans wondering – what is next for the new and evolved Chainsmokers.

How one Singer Wants to Change the World – the Untold Story of Norka Martinez Luque

There are very few artists around the world who primarily perform for the love of others. In this materialistic world, most celebrities are craving for fame and money. However, there is also another side of the showbiz, where a new wave of young artists want to help others using their singing abilities. Perhaps, one of the best examples of such role models is the Latino sensation, Norka Martinez Luque. For Norka, her songs and life’s ambition revolve around spreading the message of hope and love to others. She suggested that the life has taught her to respect what she has, and give as much support to others, emotionally or financially.

Before becoming an instant sensation, Norka described how she had to struggle to achieve her ambition of becoming a popular singer. While living in Venezuela, Norka’s family realized that she had a great singing talent. Therefore, the family enrolled her in various classes including voice practice classes, piano, ballet and flamenco. The strict schedule of classes and education kept Norka away from her family and friends. However, she also realized that most of her friends do not have the means or the support of their families to achieve life’s goal. Therefore, Norka Martinez started working as hard as she could to become a better singer. At a very early stage, she realized that she could use singing as a tool to inspire others.

During her spare time, she joined a local band in France, which performed in pubs and other public places. Soon, her talent was discovered by the famous artist, Emilio Estefan Jr., who not only helped Norka Martinez Luque to develop singing skills, but also ensured that she could spread her message of love and hope through her songs.

Her faith and conviction that she can change the world inspired Emilio Estefan to craft MILAGRO with several famous music composers that includes Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo, among others. Performing with El Cata, Norka produced an instant hit, which soared at the Latin Billboard Charts. The song, MILLAGRO, has touched millions of Latinos in places as diverse as Venezuela, United States and Puerto Rico. According to Norka, she will continue to inspire other who believe in miracles of ‘hope’.

Norka’s Music: