ClassDojo Provides An Essential Connection For Educators And Their Students

Social media is having a positive effect for numerous teachers. Social networks enable teachers to share ideas and make connections both locally and all over the world. A Facebook group was established by teachers who use ClassDojo in their classrooms. This is a communication app currently being used by the majority of United States schools from Kindergarten through the 8th grade.

ClassDojo helped establish a connection between a teacher using technology to rebuild a Nigerian school and a teacher looking for kindness concepts for her fifth grade students in Illinois. The pair bonded over numerous concepts including the fact neither felt like they were ever prepared well enough. The connection enabled by ClassDojo changed everything. The teachers provided inspiration for each other and their students became acquainted through video. They discovered similar aspirations, challenges and interests in spite of the distance of 6,000 miles.

The American and Nigerian students discussed the different food and languages. Their critical thinking and communications skills developed due to the communication encompassing both cultures. The differences and similarities enable a collaboration emphasizing teaching. The bridge ClassDojo built between the cultures was amazing. The students in Illinois realized Nigerian students could not afford supplies so they started a collection to share with the Nigerian school. They learned the expense of shipping could be more than the value of the items. They started a campaign, shared cultures and ideas.

ClassDojo made a kindness curriculum possible. The Nigerian students were grateful for the assistance while the Illinois students were grateful for the opportunity to help. The technology behind ClassDojo taught these students that they can make positive changes outside of their community. They learned the importance of collaboration and kindness for friends and educators. This led to these teachers incorporating kindness in their future lessons. The students talked about the many ways kindness can make positive differences in the world.

ClassDojo enables students to connect with each other, their educators and online resources. This transcends the barriers of cultures and languages. ClassDojo provides a critical connection for teachers who feel disconnected. This collaboration makes an important difference for the students.

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