Peter Briger, a specialist in the finance industry, is among the 400 Elite Forbes most rated businessman visionaries all around. He graduated with Masters in Business Administration from Pennsylvania Wharton University and later went to the Princeton University where he graduated with Bachelors Degree. His career began in the wake of joining the Goldman Sach where he filled in as the leader of the department. Peter Briger was credited with influencing the organization to be one of the best-recorded venture organizations in the market. The organization is worth resources more than 65 million dollars. Goldman Sach offers their administrations to both open and private business visionaries.

Mr. Briger positions of leadership go past his professional career. He is effectively a board member in various organizations and additionally assumes a role in philanthropy organizations. Mr. Peter has put more than 600 million dollars to safeguard and uphold Central Park situated in New York City. He additionally is associated with furnishing youngsters with access to quality education and battles against the upsurge destitution. In an ongoing meeting held in Manhattan, Mr. Bridger clarified why the Fortress Investment Group was keen on the Bitcoin Technology. He was fascinated by how the digital cash was modest and a first method to send and get cash around the world. Peter Briger tenure has been a fruitful journey, and he expects to help different business visionaries accomplish their goals. Peter proposed that Fortress Investment Group can profit from bitcoin, and that would facilitate the movement with regards to payment service.

The arrangement seems to reflect the principals’ trust in the provision of activity. The figures are per proclamation documented in the year 2015. Peter Briger was positioned 962 among the best rundown wealthy people in the year 2008.The Fortress Investment Group is an organization which is privately owned and an outstanding pioneer in the alternative asset management world. In the year 2017, September 30 it was assumed to be around 36.1 billion dollars worth of ventures under their administration. The affiliation is presently handling possessions of more than 1,750 clients from both the public and private areas globally. Their ability spins around a variety of real estate and credit, individual value, and permanent investment systems. The asset managers had reached 969 representatives before the end of September 2017 and another 216 investment professionals working in their home office which is located in New York and their other firms internationally.

Avaaz: Getting Activist Together

It seems like every other day a new website is popping up offering all kinds of convenience. Social activism seems like the type of thing that requires boots on the ground however it can be accessed with just a click. One website that promotes global activism on a wide range of issues is Avaaz. It has been referred to as “the globes largest and most powerful online activist network” its namesake can be attributed to the Persian term meaning voice. Their namesake speaks to their motives of giving activists a voice and a place to congregate and plan to affect change.

The campaigns featured on the webpage are painstakingly managed by individuals in over 30 countries. Examples of participating countries are varied. For example, campaigners can be from the UK or India or even Lebanon. The communication is primarily via email. Methods employed in the campaign include online public petitions or videos. Another handy tool employed by the website is a feature that allows those passionate about the issue to email their leaders directly. This allows individuals to make their voices known directly to those who make policy. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of who to contact with an issue that concerns you. Another way the website supports protesters is by providing some legal advice to clarify how the campaign can be the most successful while conxsidering the law in the land.

There also more active tactics that many protesters will employ my help of the website. Some protesters stage citizens or rally activities like this greatly benefit from having an online community in which they can organize and plan these demonstrations. Suggestions for new campaigns can come from members and then are analyzed and processed by teams of specialists. If a cause or campaign seems viable the idea is polled among 10,000 members of the community. With enough replies, the new calls will become open to all members. Through this method management at Avaaz can refine campaigns before making them available to all members within the community. This is a great way to present campaigns that would generate the most support.

Avaaz @Twitter

Jeremy Goldstein, a man who is dedicated to his work

Jeremy Goldstein serves at the Jeremy L.Goldstein & Associates as a partner. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is a law firm that mainly deals with advising organization executives such as the CEOs, management heads and compensation committees that handles sensitive matters. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Goldstein also serves at the American Bar Association Business Section as the chairman of mergers and acquisitions. He is also known to be the leading compensation legal advisor in the USA.   Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

During an interview, he says that the idea of JLG came as a result of conflicts of interest during executive compensation. Goldstein says that he saw an opportunity since he realized that consulting firms used to reap a lot from big companies seeking legal advice. Jeremy suspected that as an attorney, he has vast legal knowledge that he can utilize.

Goldstein thrives in advising his clients about their career, something that is close to their hearts. It includes the impacts that can be as a result of that career. His practices also include negotiating and drafting of agreements. He says his work is demanding since he should be available always to his clients.

Goldstein largely deals with mergers and acquisitions hence limiting the numbers of cases he can accept. Thus enabling him to manage his time well and be more productive. He also considers cases that can benefit directly from his knowledge, experience and skills.

Having over two decades experience, he hardly meets an entirely new matter that he has never handled before, and that is the beauty of his work.

Currently, the shareholder’s rights have been modified unlike the last century, and as a result, executive compensation governance has been stabilized. This allows the organizations and compensation committees to get ample time to focus on the performance of their companies rather than worrying about emerging rules.

Jeremy Goldstein ensures a stable and healthy relationship with his clients; this allows him to understand them and their needs better. He also interacts with his clients socially even if he doesn’t have an active case. Goldstein says that being aggressive at his work has helped him a lot.

Goldstein studied at the University Of New York School of Law where he attained his J.D. He also joined the University of Chicago and received his M.A. He is also known to support charity projects including Fountain House, a foundation that is determined to help individuals with mental illness to recover.

GoBuyside (NY Recap)

How would you like to find a business that specializes in recruiting top-tier talent? Well, you don’t have to look very far, in fact, you don’t have to look far at all, for such a business is within your reach, as in reaching out for a mouse or handheld device, that company is GoBuyside.

GoBuyside, established in 2011, is a well-known recruiting firm, located in the very heart of midtown Manhattan, that booming, bustling metropolis and epicenter of business. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuyside is helping and continues to help many companies in the midtown Manhattan area and abroad to achieve resounding business success by finding top-quality talent in Corporate America, especially as far as investment and hedge fund businesses are concerned.

To contact GoBuyside, all you have to do is to go to it’s trusted website, register,and once you’re all set up you can start learning how to look for raw corporate talent, its that simple.

GoBuyside’s reputation in the business world is phenomenal; if you like further information on the challenges and what it takes to pick out good quality talent, you can also go to to learn about the 7 challenges that are faced in the recruitment process and how GoBuyside is helping many corporations to face that challenge.


It is indeed a challenge for businesses to stay financially strong and solvent in these tough economic times; many corporations are tottering at the brink of economic collapse and failure, but happily, yours don’t have to be one of them, if you make the right financial choices and choose the right type of people for the job.

So come on, sign up with GoBuyside today and start to experience the economic stability that your firm is looking for, start learning what to look for when hiring the right type of individuals for your investment or hedge fund firm. And GoBuyside can help you toward that end.

Their trusted staff are waiting for your call or online visit; they will be more than happy to assist you with your investment and hedge fund recruitment related questions. Read more about GoBuyside at

GoBuyside, the choice to make when you want to do business right.

The Amazing Truth About Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is a term that was introduced by Matt Badialia which literally means investing in the Master Limited Partnerships (MLP). It is a unique company structure that pays its investors every month or quarterly returns on their investments. Watch this video at Youtube.

How Matt Badialia discovered freedom checks

Matt came across these exceptional investments during his term as a celebrated financial professional on a project that obliged him to travel across the sphere. He worked with different mining and Oil Chief Executive Officers of different companies in order to get equipped with the most recent technologies, innovations and developments. It is during this time that he came across MLPs, a group of 568 companies that could issue freedom checks. These companies pays out its investors at least 90% of their income and those payments is what Matt referred to as Freedom Checks.

The amounts distributed are treated as return of capital, instead of income and therefore no income taxes imposed on them. However, if any investor wishes to sell their MLP investment, the profit realized on the sale is taxed but only at the lower capital gains rate and not the personal income rate. This highly offers additional tax benefits to the investors since the higher personal income tax is evaded.

How to make the investment

Making the investments is an easy task. Just as in Google or Apple, investors buy shares according to their abilities. They are thus able to receive distribution freedom checks either through the mail or the funds can directly be deposited into their brokerage accounts. Any interested investor may get started anytime even with a small amount of money since of some of the MLPs trade for less than $10.


Major investors of freedom checks

These checks are not a government program just like the social security or Medicare as some people think they are. They are larger than the average monthly social security payments by three or even four times. When collecting the freedom checks, no any income or age restrictions imposed to the investors. Matt says that the top investors make approximately $10,000, $25,000 and $ 50,000 every month from their freedom checks. Of course it is unbelievable how people are able to collect these large payments oftenly but it is a sure deal.

From the kind of benefits accrued to this investment, everyone would wish to make an attempt of trying their luck in them. The checks are such a great deal that can change any investors, they even pays out two to three times to the investors more than most conservative investments. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Lime Crime Gears up For Summer

With the arrival of spring, new beauty trends emerge and it is the indication of a time of brighter and more vivid colors. It is the perfect time to experiment with new and exciting colors and to really have fun with your look.

Use a highlighter to bring out the flattering features of your face and make your favorite contours really pop. A face highlighter is one of the easiest ways to get noticed and comes in a powder or makeup stick to make application a breeze. A highlighter can be used in many ways, but it is typically used to highlight your cheekbones. It can also be used to highlight under your eyes, on the ridge of your nose, or even under your brows.

Lime Crime is pretty well-known for their bright, out-there, and bold color palettes and they offer some pretty rad opalescent highlighter palettes. Their highlighter palette comes with three color choices and they can be used individually or together to create a unique look to die for.

Matte lips are all the rage and will make your natural lip lines really stand out. They are available in many different colors form nudes to rich and dark hues. Lime Crime is no stranger to matte lipsticks and they have a liquid matte lipstick in Apricot Nude that is to die for. The color stays on for hours and has a velvety-smooth finish.

The bold makeup company also has many eye colors in convenient compacts that you can take with you anywhere. Their Pocket Candy Palette has everything you need form glittery shades to matte options.

Purple is the color of the moment and the company knows it. They offer the Venus 3 Palette which has eight fun colors to play with including a refreshing lilac hue. And with summer quickly approaching, they have come out with a foundation that doubles as a sunscreen. Their lip glosses will keep your pout looking sexy and feeling great and you do not have to feel guilty about getting glammed up because as always, Lime Crime products are cruelty-free and vegan.

Ricardo Tosto contribution in the law sector

Ricardo Tosto is one of the founders of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados which is one of the most famous and recognized law firms in Brazil. He has vast experience and expertise in business aw where he specializes on such issues as bankruptcy, credit recovery, debt, banking contracts, criminal business laws and many more other areas including commercial law. He has been put on the record as one of the best lawyers in Brazil, and as a result, he has been in a position to work in a significant number of companies and organizations where he has contributed establishment of their success stories greatly.
He attended the University of Mackenzie where he attained an undergraduate degree in Law and an extension course in business administration. One of the companies he has worked in during his career is Grupo Rede which is one of the Brazilian based companies where he served as the Human Resource manager and as a legal management team where he proved himself being a very prominent advocate in the field of law.
Ricardo Tosto has become so respected because of his hard work and the long list of great achievements. He has also been in a position to win a lot of awards because of his contribution in the law sector. His law firm has grown rapidly over the years because of the name he has created for it as portrayed by his excellent services. He is has been recognized by the Brazilian Legal Publication.
As a very prominent person in the law sector, Ricardo Tosto has been attending various interviews and TV shows to share his knowledge and emphasize the importance of aw in the society. For example, he emphasized the importance of the law of repatriation of resources which governs the ownership of resources in the foreign countries by the Brazilian Citizens. He believes that the project of repatriation enables the exchange of technical skills between the Brazilian Lawyers and the Lawyers in the foreign countries. He also believes that it helps in reducing the illegal businesses that are carried out by people who hide their resources in the foreign countries among more other benefits to the citizens and the Brazilian government.

Ricardo Youtube channel

Matt Badiali’s View On The Future of The Oil Sector

Matt Badiali is an employee of Banyan Hill Publishing. He currently works from Delray Beach, Florida. He is also an editor with the Real Wealth Strategist. This is a renowned online newsletter that provides readers with information on natural resource investment. Additionally, he is a geologist as well as an established entrepreneur. Matt Badiali is a renowned writer regularly writes articles on various topics. The information that he provides assists his readers make informed investment decisions. Some of the issues he writes about include gold mining, electrical grid adjustments, cryptocurrencies, agricultural stocks, mining stocks, oil production and exotic metals. Most people read his articles to get knowledge about investing in these fields. Visit to know more.

Recently, Matt Badiali has come up with an investment that he has named freedom checks. The investment stems from companies which are involved with the production and distribution of natural resources in the United States of America. These companies include oil and gas companies. Due to the cutback on oil importation into the US, oil, and gas production companies have seen an increase in profit margins. These profits enable them to pay out dividends to investors in the form of freedom checks. Master Limited Partnerships are responsible for these freedom checks.

Matt Badiali is a product of Penn State University where he went for his undergraduate degree in science. He later pursued a Master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. Before joining the world of finance, he was pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina. He has created a platform that is called Matt and other investors share their experiences in the world of finance on this platform. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

In a recent interview, Matt Badiali said that natural resources are both cyclical and speculative. To deal with natural resources, one needs to comprehend the various dynamics that are involved in the trade. This includes finances and the market situation. For him, the newsletter starts up correctly fits his education and experience. He writes from his personal experiences, and this makes it easy for the readers to relate. He believes the world is on the verge of a complete transformation in energy consumption from current fossil fuels to an electricity oriented world.


Ronald Fowkles, American Hero

Ronald Fowkles, known by those closest to him as “Ronnie”, is the current Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries. As described online in Squire Park’s blog, (titled Ronald Fowkles and A1 Tactical Gear) Ronald’s background in police work and the military affords him a broad knowledge of and experience with the products that Eagle Industries offers, including tactical gear such as military style packs, bags, armor carriers, and cases. He is a 4 year Veteran of the Marine force, and served during the Gulf War, assisting in many hostage release situations. In addition to his military service, Ronald has served as a police officer for two police forces in the St Louis Missouri area, with a total of thirteen years of service. He utilizes this professional expertise as he serves as a reliable source of information regarding the products he promotes for Eagle Industries.

In addition to his extensive knowledge on the subject of the use of tactical gear, Ronald utilizes his personal history of service to others, leadership, resilience, and ability to face tough situations, as outlined in an interview posted online on Boston Confidential (December 29, 2017). During his time in the police force, Ronald served as the leader of the force’s Human Rescue Team. He faced high risk situations both on and off duty, and conducted investigations in high risk neighborhoods in order to identify and reduce drug trafficking, gang violence, and illegal gun possession. His term in Iraq included working with the joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization.

As an avid hockey fan, Ronald Fowlkes authors a blog called “Medium”, which centers on the topic of Ice Hockey. He wrote an optimistic blog piece on January 18th, (titled Amazing Twist: North and South Korea Presenting Joint Hockey Team at Olympics) about the cooperation between North and South Korea as they joined teams for the US Olympics Women’s Hockey. He points out that while this was surprising and unprecedented, it is a step in the right direction that these two sides are willing to try to get along publicly, and it is also good for the sport of Women’s Hockey, which usually gets very little publicity. The challenges he points out are whether or not public opinion will be positive, whether the “imported fans” will be able to follow the sports, and whether or not the differences in culture will allow them to work together.

Having spent his life so far as a businessman, veteran, sports fan, and public service, it is understandable why Ronald Fowkles is considered a modern American Hero.

Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tunes in Houston

The people who have invested in oil and gas production in the world are considered to be very wealthy in the world. These individuals command a lot of respect in the corporate world. Tony Petrello is one of these personalities. Petrello currently holds the position of chief executive officer in a company that is called Nabors Industries.

As the CEO of the large oil and gas Production Company, Tony Petrello commands so much respect in the United States. The businessman has assisted Nabors Industries to become a leader in the complicated market. Despite the challenges that have hit this market in the recent past, Nabors Industries has been doing well because of the leadership it gets from Tony Petrello.

Tony Petrello has several qualities that make him a prominent figure in the country. The company leader is very generous, and he has been using the wealth he has been earning to assist the needy and less fortunate people in the country. Tony Petrello has decided to follow this great path while his colleagues use their wealth to live luxurious lives. Petrello is honest and very hard working, qualities that are not common for the executives in the corporate world. With the help of his wife Cynthia, the businessman has managed to bring change in the lives of so many people in the world.

Tommy Tune announced several months ago that he was planning to visit his hometown. Although he left Houston a long time ago, the super start has been able to maintain very close ties with the people in the area. Tommy Tune has very many fans in Houston, and they were all looking forward to receive him during his visit. Tony and Cynthia offered to welcome the superstar when he landed in the country several weeks ago. Tony organized a party that was attended by prominent people in the country. Tune was very excited about the gesture, and he performed for the people who were in attendance.

Petrello has been offering his assistance to the children who are living with incurable conditions in the country. Tony decided to take this action more than eight years ago when his daughter was born prematurely. The child needs special care because of the medical condition that she has developed. Tony and his wife want children with similar conditions to live a good life. The couple has been giving donations to the medical experts so that they can conduct medical research.