How Barbara Stokes Is Helping Hurricane Victims In Houston

Barbara Stokes is a Huntsville, Alabama entrepreneur who provides relief those who have experienced a disaster. She co-founded Green Structure Home Delivered (also known as GHS of Alabama, LLC) in 2008 along with her husband, Stock Stokes. She is a graduate of Mercer University and has a degree in biomedical/medical engineering which she earned in 2000.

After getting her college education Barbara Stokes went to work for Pisces Corporation. This company, headquartered in San Jose, California, is an electronic research and development company. She was involved in handling government contracts in this position. She was then hired by the Boeing Company where she also handled government contracting with the federal government. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Many people were devastated by Hurricane Harvey in the greater Houston, Texas region last year. Some have homes that are now uninhabitable, some of which can be repaired and others where the existing home needs to be leveled with a new one put in its place. Barbara Stokes company was chosen to provide housing to some of these people and were given a contract worth $28,516,300. As part of the agreement all of the homes will be available to people in Houston before the end of March 2018.

Barbara Stokes is GHS of Alabama’s chief executive officer. In this role she manages the day to day operations of the company and provides it with an overall strategy. Her company builds modular and mobile homes that are built in Alabama and then delivered to the site. Her company designs the homes it builds as well. After they are delivered to the site the home is properly installed by a trained professional and is then inspected to make sure everything is in good working order before it is handed off to the future occupant of it.


After GHS of Alabama signed this recent contract with the federal government they announced that it enabled them to start hiring people in eight states. These will all be manufacturing jobs and they are located in Texas, Virginia, Minnesota, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, and North Carolina. The homes built at these facilities will all be delivered to the Houston area.

When announcing this job creation, Barbara Stokes said that she was excited to make an investment in these communities. She said that in addition to the jobs her company was creating it would also lead to more direct and indirect job creation in those areas. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

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