The Great George Soros

George Soros is globally known for his significant achievements in business, writing and as a philanthropist. He was born in 1930’s in the city of Budapest in Hungary. He has different investments in both America and Hungary. According to the list released by Forbes magazine in early 2017, George Soros is among the top wealthiest people in the world. His wealth is valued to be over $25.2 billion. He schooled in London where he graduated with a bachelor and masters in philosophy in 1960’s.

The renowned philanthropist worked in various banks in both United States and England before he launched his first investment. He used his savings to start the hedge fund firm in 1969 and later Soros Fund Management in 1970. He is a self-made billionaire who uses most of his wealth to improve the living standard of many people in various parts of the world.

The great George Soros is the founder and financier of the Open Society Foundations which has projects in more than hundred countries. He started his philanthropic work in 1979, sponsoring South Africans to study in European countries. The foundation targets poor children, drug users and less fortunate people in the society. Open Society Foundation has a mission of building a vibrant environment for the government and its people. The foundation strengthens human rights organization, minority groups in the society, and supporting democratically elected authorities in various countries.

In the year 2014, The New York Times reported how the philanthropist George Soros transferred $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation. This is one of the greatest transfers done by a single person towards a charitable organization. This fund made the foundation to be one of the most prominent organizations in the world. In George Soros life, he has transferred more than $30 billion toward charity foundations. The foundation has well-outlined structures and staffs who ensure transparency and accountability in managing the funds. This has enabled the foundation to grow and become one of the most successful organizations globally, for more than thirty years in service.


The organization has been using the fund to protect the rights of gays and lesbians in the United States societies where there is discrimination. During 2014 Ebola tumult the foundation was on the front line to fund treatment centers in various parts of the West African countries.

George Soros has been supporting democratic political leaders in different countries. In 2016, he was among the major financier of Hillary Clinton campaign who was vying against Donald Trump for United States presidency. Through his society foundation, George has been taking care of the refugees in countries with civil wars. He provides medical care and food to the women and children in refugee camps who have fled their countries because of political instabilities. Read more on about George Soros.

Conclusively, George Soros will be in the history books for many years because of his achievements and societal impact in almost every corner of the world. His philanthropic character has transformed many lives from poverty to greatness. The world needs people like George Soros with a transformative mind for the world to progress.

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