How Rocketship Education is Enabling Kids from Low-income San Jose Communities to Access Quality Education

Prosperity in life has been linked to humble beginnings in sociology. In other words, studies have proven that people who hail from low-income families are more likely to succeed in life than those from wealthy families. To prove this notion, the University of California, Berkeley, teamed up with Harvard University in 2014 and conducted a study on residents of San Jose. Their study found out that kids from low-income families born in the 1980s were more likely to succeed than those from countries such as Canada and Denmark.

As it has been proved that kids from low-income families in San Jose can succeed, their success relies on the quality of education they get. Housing prices in the city have gone up making parents of such kids to struggle to pay school fees. These children require access to good education for them to prosper in life in the future.

Rocketship Education is a learning institution based in San Jose that has enabled needy students to gain education. The institution has been registered as a non-profit public charter schools network. It relies on the support from educators, parents, and educators to develop a web of quality public schools. Rocketship Education made its debut in the San Jose education sector by setting up its first learning facility in 2007. Today, Rocketship Education continues to excel in serving low-income communities through 25 high-performing schools.

Besides Rocketship Education, San Jose has also received support from Netflix and Facebook. As a video streaming company, Netflix recently released $100 million in donations to support the education sector in San Jose. Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook’s founder and CEO, and Priscilla Chan, his wife, have supported the city through innovative technologies and education investment. Facebook is developing a “personalized learning platform” through its engineers in partnership with Summit Public Schools to benefit public charter schools in the U.S.

Personalized Learning at Rocketship Education

At Rocketship Education, students are referred to as “Rocketeers.” They get personalized teachings based on their needs and learning styles. This blended learning model encompasses traditional instruction, tutoring, and technology. It allows Rocketeers to study at their own pace. The model also works for Rocketeers who are racing ahead or catching up.

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