Imram Haque’s Expertise in Medical Practice

Imran Haque is a renowned medical doctor who offers quality medical services. He is a well-trained and qualified doctor. Dr. Imram holds a Medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). He also holds a Master of Doctor from the University of Virginia. Dr. Imram practices medicine at the Horizon Internal Medicine facility in North Carolina. He has an experience of over 15 years in the practice. He is, therefore, an experienced expert in dealing with numerous diseases and medical examinations.

Dr. Imram’s idea for his business enterprise, developed while he was working at the Internal Medicine Practice. He saw an opportunity in the community by providing medical services that were not available locally. The caring doctor uses a number of ways to bring his ideas into life. He believes that through research, diligence and hard work coupled with a proper financial means are basic for transforming ideas into reality.

The incorporation of technology into Health Care excites Dr. Imram. According to him, the trend as improved harmonized medical care and data entry, thereby allowing medical officers to offer quality health care. Multitasking has made Dr. Imram more productive.

As an entrepreneur, irrespective of their social background and level of education, Dr. Imram is kind and respectful to the people he comes across with every day. Every successful entrepreneur has a strategy that helps them grow. Dr. Imram’s strategy is adhering to the Golden Rule. The rule that states treat others as you wish for them to treat you has impacted positively on his business journey and success. His acts of developing interpersonal relationships and building stronger professional connections have helped Dr. Imram in growing his business.

Mr. Imram’s thinking has been influenced by Barrack Obama. He admires the retired president’s calm even when under pressure. Dr. Imram is an alumnus of the University of Virginia where he studied Internal Medicine.

He offers medical care at his Asheboro and Ramseur offices. Dr. Imram in providing diabetes management, laser hair removal, weight management services and physical exams among other services. He is a dedicated expert confined to guaranteeing that the health of his patients is fully addressed.

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