The Insights of Jason Hope in Technology and Healthcare

Jason Hope, a futuristic entrepreneur, is known for delivering his insights about various technologies and the growth of healthcare. He is a tech enthusiast and thinks that it has the power to transform the planet much smarter. Hope keenly watches each tech development and tries to make benefit out of it, as an investor. In fact, his primary source of income is from his investments in various tech start-ups and established businesses. Jason has created a portfolio of tech firms that provide interactive software, marketing services including SEO, computer and business information systems, digital media solutions, and more.

Hope says that everyone understood the importance of technology with evolution of it, especially in the recent decades. He continued that it was evident in telecommunication technology in the past decade, and it made the communication between people around the world much easier and convenient. A vocal proponent of communication technology in the 2000’s, Jason now bets on the Internet of the Things, also known as IoT. He sees greater prospects for technology, and he believes that it is the single biggest technology that can shape everything in the future from how the corporations work to controlling various home appliances and devices, including vehicles.

It should be noted that IoT is a technology that integrates various devices and appliances into a single network. This allows people to have greater control over such devices and add efficiency to it. Corporations are the biggest beneficiaries of technology as it enables them to significantly reduce the operational costs through efficient use of resources and better control over various incidents. Hope quotes that the influence of the technology is evident from how it transformed public transport in the recent years. He says that while many people currently think that IoT is a choice, in future, people would be forced to adopt the technology considering its overall effectiveness.

Jason Hope is also an active advocate of advancement of healthcare through biotechnology and genetics. He actively supports SENS Foundation, a foundation working for anti-aging treatment options and advancing the future of medicine. Hope thinks that by developing an anti-aging treatment process, people get rid of many severe age-related diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and more. By betting on biotechnology, people can ensure disease prevention than curing it. Hope further added that the disease prevention would ensure a better quality of life for everyone, even at very older ages.

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