Market America Convention 2017 One of The Best Ever

The International Market America Convention 2017 was very well received and thought to be one of the best Market America events ever held. It was hosted in Greensboro, North Carolina on August 9-13, 2017. The total volume of attendees is thought to be over 20,000, making it one of the largest events ever held by the organization.

The stage for the event was custom built, allowing the entire arena an excellent view of the various lecturers that the event featured. The entire arena was also covered with giant flat screen televisions, giving attendees a chance to see a close up of each individual speaker, should they opt not to watch what was taking place on extravagant stage.

In addition to featuring famous and extremely successful speaker-driven lectures and seminars, the event also featured many small group-based lessons taught by the organization’s highly knowledgeable instructors. During these small-group based seminars, attendees got a chance to have a close-up and personal interaction with each instructor, getting valuable insight into how they could apply the teachings to their very own business, wealth building, or entrepreneurial activities. Most attendees opted to take notes or record the instructor’s teachings on mobile phones or small handheld digital recorders. This allowed them to continue to play-back the event at a later date and time for further off-site training.

The event itself wasn’t only spectacular, the seminars and lectures given were some of the best business and wealth building lessons ever given in the history of mankind. You simply could not leave the event without becoming a far better businessman or businesswoman, entrepreneur, or wealth builder. Numerous attendees have already launched YouTube reviews about their experiences at the event, as well as how they successfully applied the knowledge that they gained to real-world situations. For more information about the next international convention event, please visit the company’s website.

It’s almost impossible to miss any local Market America event, as they offer hundreds upon hundreds of seminars all throughout the whole calendar year. If an event isn’t being offered in your local area, then chances are you will only have to drive to the next major city to attend one. For more info about us: click here.

Market America offers many different types of seminars, lectures, training courses, and other instructor taught programs. These programs are built to provide you with some of the best business and wealth building strategies ever used. In addition to offering real applicable knowledge that will help you build personal confidence in any business industry, the programs are also known to substantially up your motivation level towards any wealth building or entrepreneurial activity. One of the key reasons as to why these seminars are so popular is that they organize themselves around small group settings. This allows expert instructors a chance to conduct person to person teaching, rather than just passing on knowledge through a larger group-based lecture. Be sure and find out when you can attend a local event by visiting the company’s website.

Erik Lefkofsky’s super-sized tech startup has big goals

Eric Lefkofsky, one of the country’s most influential and successful entrepreneurs is setting his sights on a bold new goal. His latest venture Tempus has dedicated over 100 mllion of dollars toward rolling out a complete solution to advance the research and study of potential cancer treatments. The grand mission of the company is to link cancer treatment facilities across the country in a massive data and research sharing network.

Tempus has developed a completed a working prototype data platform designed around Big Data. Big Data software and concepts may be more commonly applied in other fields, but to date, the medical field does not have nearly the same adoption rate.

Some of the best cancer centers in the country are using complex data models and genetic sequencing to look for patterns. With this data, cancer researchers and physicians hope to better understand the relationship that genetics and treatment have with one another depending on the type of cancer. This process is unfortunately not standard at all cancer centers, and as a result, the entire world misses out on what can be learned from this information.

Tempus seeks to remedy this by bringing a standard data solution industry-wide. The same type of software that analyzes large volumes of molecular and clinical data in high-end cancer centers can be expanded and scaled to fit smaller budgets. As genome sequencing cost continue to decrease, the Tempus platform will become even cheaper to roll out nationwide.

Ultimately, Erik Lefkowsky’s Tempus looks to solve the age-old problem in medicine. Doctors can only know for sure what they have either experienced themselves or have read in a medical journal. By bringing technology on board to automate basic analysis, physicians can spend their time on higher level analysis rather than be hunting for the information they need.

Needless to say, investors are optimistic about Tempus’s potential. With this most recent wave of funding being fully achieved at 70 million dollars, Tempus has now reached $130 million in current venture capital. In addition, Erik Lefkowsky has pledged to invest up to $100 million of his own personal fortune should the company need it.

The Insights of Jason Hope in Technology and Healthcare

Jason Hope, a futuristic entrepreneur, is known for delivering his insights about various technologies and the growth of healthcare. He is a tech enthusiast and thinks that it has the power to transform the planet much smarter. Hope keenly watches each tech development and tries to make benefit out of it, as an investor. In fact, his primary source of income is from his investments in various tech start-ups and established businesses. Jason has created a portfolio of tech firms that provide interactive software, marketing services including SEO, computer and business information systems, digital media solutions, and more.

Hope says that everyone understood the importance of technology with evolution of it, especially in the recent decades. He continued that it was evident in telecommunication technology in the past decade, and it made the communication between people around the world much easier and convenient. A vocal proponent of communication technology in the 2000’s, Jason now bets on the Internet of the Things, also known as IoT. He sees greater prospects for technology, and he believes that it is the single biggest technology that can shape everything in the future from how the corporations work to controlling various home appliances and devices, including vehicles.

It should be noted that IoT is a technology that integrates various devices and appliances into a single network. This allows people to have greater control over such devices and add efficiency to it. Corporations are the biggest beneficiaries of technology as it enables them to significantly reduce the operational costs through efficient use of resources and better control over various incidents. Hope quotes that the influence of the technology is evident from how it transformed public transport in the recent years. He says that while many people currently think that IoT is a choice, in future, people would be forced to adopt the technology considering its overall effectiveness.

Jason Hope is also an active advocate of advancement of healthcare through biotechnology and genetics. He actively supports SENS Foundation, a foundation working for anti-aging treatment options and advancing the future of medicine. Hope thinks that by developing an anti-aging treatment process, people get rid of many severe age-related diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and more. By betting on biotechnology, people can ensure disease prevention than curing it. Hope further added that the disease prevention would ensure a better quality of life for everyone, even at very older ages.

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