Jason Hope is a futurist, health technology investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He also contributes heavily to the SENS Foundation Research. The foundation deals with the research of rejuvenation biotechnologies that address diseases which come with age like Alzheimer’s.

The entrepreneur started his career Mobile technology. Jason Hope began by selling text messages through a premium service. The mobile technology company that he formed to kick start his career was called Jawa. This company formed the basis of the futurist other technology based entrepreneurship investments which have been able to rake in a lot of money for him. They include Interactive Software, marketing services, business and computer systems and digital media solutions. Jason Hope knows that technology dictates prospects of the society we live in and that is why he heavily invests in it.

The successful entrepreneur has been able to beat many challenges and keep doubts at bay by believing in himself and his passion for technology. Jason Hope’s first customer came knocking after a referral from a reliable company that he had worked for. However, he believes in the power of social media and effective marketing strategies to expand business connections and to land new clients. Hope also uses writing to further his futurist and technology believes. Nonetheless, he believes that this is one of the most challenging tasks he has ever had to tackle since he has had to scale back with the aim of reaching out to everyone.

Jason Hope believes greatly in his philanthropy work and technological advancements. The futurist focuses more on what makes him successful, and he doesn’t believe in failure. Therefore when something doesn’t make any sense to him, he moves on to the next project instead of dwelling on it. The philanthropist believes a lot in the power of healthy charity, and he holds the opinion that giving back to society is related to business. That’s why one of his biggest achievements so far is the five hundred thousand dollars donation he made to SENS Foundation.

The donation was for aiding the research of various medical breakthroughs including the relationship between aging and various diseases. The foundation aims to essentially prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s before they attack anyone who is susceptible to them and cause irreversible change. He believes that perhaps when this is done, the quality of life and the society, in general, will improve.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an Arizona based entrepreneur and philanthropist who believes in the power of futurists. Hope’s believes that technology can hugely impact on the future of human beings including health issues.Jason Hope studied at the Arizona State University where and he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He also went to the institution’s school of business and graduated with an MBA, Business.

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