Understanding the Secret behind Kabbalah’s Closed Doors

A few years ago, Madonna hit the headlines with her sudden interest in the Jewish mysticism. However, what came to a surprise to many is the fact that she went ahead to open Kabbalah center. Surprisingly, the fancy artist went ahead to spend a significant share of her fortune to invest in the study of ancient Jewish tradition through her opened string of Kabbalah centers.

However, the Kabbalah story in the US never ceased with Madonna. In the recent past, many respected Hollywood stars have shown some keen interest in the Jewish Kabbalah. Many people were surprised as to why stars such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and the late Elizabeth Taylor among many others suddenly became obsessed with Kabbalah’s teachings.

In a statement to the Los Angeles Times, Sandra Bernhard stated that the Kabbalah lessons provided her with an inner peace that he greatly deserved. Paris Hilton also once said that the Kabbalah center greatly helped her cope her life together after breaking up with Nick Carter. The Kabbalah center website states that the place provides ancient wisdom that provides virtual tools needed to promote lasting joy and fulfillment within the followers. Most of the successful individuals joining the religion seem to agree with the center’s sentiment.

About the Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah is technically ancient wisdom which when infused in a human being boosts him or her when understanding how the universe and life mainly works. Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube . Kabbalah means ‘to receive’. Therefore, from an expert’s perspective, Kabbalah can be defined as a study intended to assist one understand how he or she can receive fulfillment in life to learn more: https://livestream.com/Kabbalah-Centre-Europe click here.

The history of Kabbalah runs as long as man existed. The teachings are ancient. Kabbalah helps individuals understand their lives better. Kabbalah teaches that all the branches of human lives originate from the same point hence reducing cases of inner conflicts because the readers become aware of the universe at the core level. Kabbalah teachings imply principles that co-relate with every religion. Therefore, regardless of one’s ethnicity or locality, anyone interested can attend the lessons and get equipped with knowledge which he or she can apply in his or her daily life.

Eric Pulier: The Man Of A Thousand Faces

Eric Pulier is truly a renaissance man for the 21st century. His projects and interests are far reaching: he is a dedicated philanthropist, technologist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author, public speaker, designer and columnist. Eric Pulier’s formative were a glimpse of the genius years to come. Eric was a bright student with a knack for computer programming. He started a database business while in high school, graduating from Teaneck High School in New Jersey in 1984. Eric Pulier admitted to Harvard, where he studied English and American Literature, and spent his free time as a columnist for the Harvard Crimson. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988.

Eric Pulier wasted no time after graduating in making his mark on the world. In 1991, he founded technology based health and education company called People Doing Things. His drive to communicate ideas meshed with his love of technology led him to create Digital Evolution, which merged with U.S. Interactive LLC in 1998. Finding his passion in helping chronically ill children, he pioneered the social network Starbright World.

Eric Pulier had the honor of being requested by the Bill Clinton administration to design the Bridge to the 21st Century event, held in Washington, D.C. in 1996. He raised all the funds necessary to make the event a memorable one. Not only did he arrange an impressive multimedia exhibit highlighting technology for the 21st century, he also arranged for a live feed from the space shuttle. Members of the White House were impressed by Eric’s hard work, and he was asked to become a board member for the Center for Telecommunications Management at the USC Marshall School. To learn more: https://angel.co/pulier click here.

The list of Eric’s companies is expansive – Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, US Interactive and Media Platform to name a few. Eric Pulier also has quite a few patents under his name for technologically related inventions. He has provided venture capital to new technology companies such as eCompanies, Monitor Ventures and Trident Capital. He is a benefactor to charitable organizations including the ACE Foundation, the Campaign for Free Tuition and the XPRIZE Foundation.

Richard Mishaan Design Strikes Gold with Book Release

Richard Mishaan Design is one of the most interesting and innovative interior design companies currently working out of New York. For years now Richard Mishaan and his team have been changing the conversation on what it means to tastefully decorate and create spaces for people to live within. New York is definitely dominated by 1%ers, at least at Richard Mishaan Design’s level of work, but he has been able to convince them to embrace something entirely new and entirely interesting. Most recently, Richard Mishaan Design celebrated another huge milestone: the release of ‘Artfully Modern‘, the second book by Richard Mishaan.


In order to celebrate the release of the book Richard Mishaan Design hosted a celebratory dinner at Margaux at the Marlton Hotel. At this event Mishaan and co invited former customers, socialites, friends, and family members to come attend and share in the festive celebrations. Mishaan is always one of the more candid elite designers in the city and he was of course on hand and answering questions as well as giving statements. Mishaan was notably proud of ‘Artfully Modern’ thanks to how quickly it hit the market and scaled up the sales leaderboards in a number of different categories on the selling juggernaut, Amazon. Richard Mishaan Design will definitely be using this success to catapult their work going forward.


The goal of a Mishaan designed home is to create an experience that is unique but still completely in line with what the owner of the home would want or seek out themselves, had they the skill to put it all together. Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn, a friend as well as former client of Mishaan’s, was glowing in regards to his work in this area. Pevaroff-Cohn said, “Richard can make something beautiful, and make it yours — not his.” That is high praise coming from a happy customer.



News : Imran Haque -The Man that can Change Your Life

For the past fifteen years, Dr. Imran Haque has been changing lives for the better. Specializing in both general care as a possible primary care physician, but Dr. Haque is also capable of very finite procedures such as laser hair removal and Venus body contouring. He began his life becoming a medical professional at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program, graduating in 1998.Specializing in internal medicine, Dr. Haque deals with at least twenty conditions ranging from Anemia, Anxiety, Depression, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Hypertension, Obesity, and more. He is also capable of at least twenty medical procedures that are on a spectrum of everyday things such as allergy shots and overall physical examination to the more extraneous such as abscess drainage.


Dr. Imran Haque clearly is one of the best in North Carolina;he does not have a single complaint in his time as a medical specialist. Along with being a very respectful doctor, he is also able to speak 3 additional languages that do not include English: Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu. Dr. Haque is available in two offices in the state of North Carolina, one being in Asheboro and the other being Ramseur. Many patients have stated in reviews of Dr. Haque that he is an amazing help to their lives, and they trusted him like no other medical professional. In total, he was accumilated a patient rating of over 4 stars (out of possible 5). Not only is Dr. Haque well known for taken good care of the patients he has, he is also capable of taking many different insurance plans to ensure that everyone is in good hands. A list of all accepted insurance plans accepted as well as more information about Dr. Imran Haque and his medical staff can be found here.



The Typical Structured Day Of IDLife CEO Logan Stout

One of the interesting things about entrepreneurs is that they re very different from one another. One of the key differences between them is the type of days they have.

In the case of Logan Stout, CEO of IDLife, his day is basically the same. He makes sure that he starts each day off the same. He considers himself to be systematic in his approach to his work and life in general. The way he gets his day started is actually one of the best ways to get going. For one thing, he allows himself time to get up and get ready for his day.

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Before starting his day at IDLife, Logan wakes up early and makes sure that he consumes his IDLife shake along with vitamins. After that, he drinks an IDLife energy drink. Then he takes the time to read the newspaper and then goes in for some time to quiet himself. Among the things he does for his quiet time is read the bible. Afterwards, he wakes up his children to get them to school. He follows it up with a workout and a couple of hours in his home office. One of the best things about this is that he is able to focus completely on his work.

One good thing about Logan Stout is that he has his priorities straight. He makes sure that he is there for his children. He also takes the time to center himself so that he can focus completely on the meetings and other stuff he has to do for IDLife. After all, it takes a lot of focus to succeed at anything that needs to be done. One of the best ways to focus is to take care of all other responsibilities so that nothing interferes with the day in any way.

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