Goettl Helps a Family from Las Vegas

The premium HVAC company Goettl Air Conditioning adds another family to its list of beneficiaries by helping a family from Nevada that lacked heating and air conditioning.

Goettl Air Conditioning, which is based in Arizona, continues with its philanthropic contributions. This time, the premium company choose a family from Las Vegas, Nevada as its target. According to Abana Stephenson, mother of two girls, she and her family had spent almost a decade without air conditioning or heating. Not only that, but her toilet was busted. It did not even have a tank. They had been in this situation because of financial reasons. So, they, for instance, slept in the living room in order to deal with cold or hot temperatures.

When the manager of Goettl Air Conditioning Michael Gamst found about the situation of the Stephenson family, he was deeply moved. So as soon as he could, he contacted Abana in order to help her. Many of his coworkers also volunteered to help. Abana received a new heat unit as well as an air conditioning system. She also received a new toilet. On top of this, she was not charged at all. Goettl donated over $10,000 in services and products. According to Abana, who has been suffering from depression for years, she believes in humanity again.

Goettl Air Conditioning is also known for its money saving products. The company also recently embarked on zone controlled heating, which revolves around custom temperature control. Thus, through this type of technology, people can control the temperature in certain parts of their homes more efficiently. It also saves a lot of money. Abana used to pay over $500 on electricity. Now she will pay no more than $200 because of her new heating system.

Goettl Air Conditioning, other than being a pioneer in heating and air conditioning, is one of the most trusted businesses of its kind in the United States. Goettl, since 1939, has been staying up-to-date in the HVAC industry. Goettl Air Conditioning was also one of the first HVAC companies in Arizona to use zone control systems.


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