Why Malini Saba Didn’t Want To Settle

A lot of people settle in their lives. While some people think that what other settle for is better than nothing, for people like Malini Saba, it is pure hell. One of the worst things for people with ambition and talent is to settle for something and then wonder how their lives would’ve been if they would’ve pursued their talents. This is a waste of life. One thing that Malini Saba didn’t want to do was waste her life, especially since she had a daughter.


Malini has definitely communicated that to her daughter. She is also sending the message to other women as well who have found themselves facing hard times. For one thing, poverty is a very scary thing to go through for a family. As a matter of fact, it could be one of the scariest things for a single mother because she is not only faced with losing her home, but also faced with losing her family. This is why it is important that people take the time to pursue what it is they want.


Malini Saba fought really hard for what she wanted because she knew the disadvantages of having a regular job. There is a lot of workplace drama as well as politics. There is also the constant anxiety of losing a job that the person is faced with. Fortunately, with her own institution, she does not have to worry about losing her work. She has the skills needed to take on the financial industry. Therefore, she has made a successful investment company. She wouldn’t have done this if she had not settled and stayed in her place.


Malini is someone who does not want anyone to settle when they are trying to climb to the top. One advice that she would give others is to not necessarily let other people talk them out of their goals. For one thing, these people might actually be jealous and not want them to succeed at anything.


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  1. She is a role model to her daughter. One of the things that she has wanted to communicate to her daughter is to go for what she wants. I also like the fact that the assignment writer has not done anything that would warrant us to make everything work so cool.

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