The three additions that Innovacare has done to their leadership

According to the president and CEO of Innovacare, Richard Shinto, the company recently made three additions to their leadership on Bloomberg. This is a leading Medicare Advantage company. They provide health related services in Puerto Rico. In a statement that was released to the press, the CEO stated that each of these additions brought in a wealth of experience and skills to Innovacare, especially at a time when they need to position the company for success amid an ever changing health care world.

Richard Shinto
Richard has been acting as president and also CEO at Innovacare Limited. Before joining this company, he was at the helm of Aventa, Inc, till its sale in 2012. The man has more than 2 decades of experience in the management of clinical and healthcare services on Pinterest. He is a graduate of the California University at Irvine. He also has a degree in medicine from the New York State University. He also attended the University of Redlands where he attained his MBA. There are several books on clinical medicine under his name.

Jonathan Myers
Jonathan has been appointed to the position of chief actuary officer. He was previously working for horizon BCBS as the director of actuarial services Medicaid on Crunchbase, which is the largest carrier in New Jersy. He was also a consultant with large unions such as SIEU1199,AXA Financial and Johnson and Johnson.

Penelope Kokkinides
She has been appointed to the post of chief administrative officer for the company. Her experience spans more than 2 decades in government funded plans including Medicare and Medicaid. She has a world of experience in the development of clinical programs. She is has also been involved in the process of managing healthcare processes whose aim is improving efficiency in the organization structure and operations. She was a CEO at Centerlight health care. Here, she was in charge of the managed care division. She was also COO at touchstone health. She has also worked with the UnitedHealth group.

About the company
Innovacare Health has specialized in offering managed health services. They have a membership base of more than 200,000 members and are served by a network of 7,500 providers. They manage two Medicaid plans within the health plan provided by the Puerto Rican government. The aim of InnovaCare is to provide quality healthcare by creating sustainable and affordable models. They have models of healthcare that are well coordinated, innovative and completely integrated with modern technology. The appointments are part of an ongoing effort to increase their effectiveness in health service provision and become an even more successful global venture, while maintaining their competitive edge.

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