Free Calls Given to Louisiana Inmates

The recent floods in the state of Louisiana have been devastating to hundreds of thousands of people. Many people have suffered catastrophic damage to their homes and would likely be forced to make major life changes in the near future. For inmates of prisons in correctional facilities in the State of Louisiana, this has been a very stressful time. One reason for the stress is because of their inability to contact their loved ones due to lack of funds to make a phone call.


Due to the need of making contact with family members, a major communications provider has offered to provide free phone calls to inmates of Louisiana prisons. Securus Technologies is a major provider of communications software and products to prisons and correctional facilities located across the country. They currently provide services and products thousands of facilities, including many in the Louisiana.


The company has estimated that this could end up being a significant cost. The company has stated that they estimate as many as 250,000 calls will be given away before the promotion ends this week.

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